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As Long as We Remember...

September 9, 2019

Livable Frederick: Pie in The Sky?

Jennifer Baker

While Livable Frederick passed in last week’s County Council meeting, many Frederick County residents are not familiar with the 200-plus page document that will control Frederick County for decades to come.


In reviewing some of the “goals” of Livable Frederick, residents can look forward to all the new things taxpayer dollars will soon be paying.


While previous master plans were plans for areas with maps showing development areas and changes residents could anticipate in the future, Livable Frederick is much more than a master plan.


Livable Frederick has many goals such as on Page 118 of nurturing a creative economy, the goal of which is to provide a practical framework of support for a local industry of artists, performers and creators.


The initiative to create this goal is to introduce policies that induce affordable spaces for the arts community to produce and live. Taxpayers will now support the arts through establishing housing subsidies for artists, performers and creators.


Taxpayers will now “encourage” the establishment of full range models for community creative spaces.


The county will also investigate the demand for a mid-size regional music venue.


Remember the traffic from the Tough Mudder event in Frederick and just imagine, how traffic would be impacted by weekly events, to say nothing of the cost to construct such a facility.


Another goal of Livable Frederick is to seek and develop a permanent local museum of fine art to supplement local would be paid for by county tax dollars.


An initiative is also to work to maintain a loyal “home crowd” for local arts venues and programs. Taxpayers will pay for art and to make the county feel good about it.


All the above goals and initiates are in just two pages of the Livable Frederick document.


Voters in Frederick County did not vote on any of the goals above and most county residents are not familiar with Livable Frederick at all.


Virtually every county department will be affected and involved in the goals set forth in this document.


Frederick historically has had an artist community and no doubt will continue to maintain that with or without the county betting tax dollars on art initiatives.


Is it fiscally responsible to invest tax payer dollars buying artwork?


\           How will the county budget look with these and many more initiatives put forth for funding?


Will taxpayers be able to afford all aspirational goals of Livable Frederick without significate tax increases to pay for initiatives and goals passed last week, or will residents find they are now asked to foot the bill for indulgences and not necessities.


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