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August 23, 2019

Solving The Climate “Crisis”

Hayden Duke

For years, or rather, decades now, Bart Simpson has told us “don’t have a cow.” Finally, after speaking truth-to-power someone in government finally listened.


According to the Green New Deal (GND) FAQ’s, “farting cows” are an existential crisis. I grew up in farmland, right next to cows, and I never knew that when I fed them grass I was staring death itself in the eye.


Cows aren’t the only problem, however. Imagine that you’ve finally decided to take one week of your two week vacation allotment for the year and the family wants to go to Disney World. Stop right there, literally. The GND wants to build high speed rail so that “air travel stops becoming necessary.”


Don’t worry, they’ll just strap you to a Maglev and send you shooting off to parts unknown. But look up, maybe you’ll see your Member of Congress on an airplane.


And, we can’t forget the absolutely abhorrent idea that those who display an “unwillingness” to work should be entitled to economic security. No, they shouldn’t, if you are of sound mind and body and the only thing you lack is a will to work, then the government doesn’t owe you a thing.


But, this solution in search of a problem was not created in a vacuum. It was created due to inaction at all levels over many years by our elected representatives. In lieu of sustainable ideas, we get this lunacy, cheered on by people driving gas guzzlers and guzzling premium lattes.


Here’s the question. Is humankind responsible for global warming? If you say yes, then this is a crisis and we’ll all be dead soon. If, however you say no, it is a hoax and science is in on it. Either way there are prefabricated talking points to be spouted ad nauseum. Does it matter?


Why should only a crisis force us to act? To deny that human actions haven’t caused our world some harm and damaged our environment is to deny the truth, just ask the people in Ushuaia. The planet is warming, that, too, is not in dispute. However, to say that this is solely because of humankind is equally wrong. The climate has changed before and will change again. All it takes is an explosion like the one at Mount Tambora for us to have another Year without a summer and change everything.


We spend too much time asking the question instead of seeking the answer. Why not encourage a mindset that seeks to live responsibly and sustainably while maximizing individual responsibility? Given some of the suggestions – no cows, no airplanes, cap and trade, carbon taxes, more governmental regulation, etc. – it doesn’t seem so much about saving the environment as about increasing governmental control.


If we are serious about this, why not open up the abundance of government land to small farmers and individuals to grow garden plots and plant trees? Hell, give them a tax break if they do.


There are stories of people across the world restoring entire ecosystems by planting native flora. Incentivize corporations and builders to create vertical tower gardens. Stop fining people for growing gardens in their front yards, they own the land. The government doesn’t. Promote self-sufficiency, encourage people to plant their own gardens, generate their own power, and become better stewards of the environment. But, then, who would need all of this extra government?


Interestingly, there is one group who has been doing this for years… Preppers. Why not ask them, too? Why not acknowledge that we can do much more to save our planet and then get to work? Get to work solving the problem.


But, I guess if you are unwilling to work, you could always run for Congress. You’d fit right in.


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