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August 22, 2019

Please, No More Iowa Charades

Harry M. Covert

Those Iowans. They must be gluttons for punishment. State fairs are supposed to be fun and games and displays of Hawkeye state pride. It’s their law to have the first political presidential caucuses.


How fortunate this year for other states of the union not to put up with the weak list of contestants for Democrat presidential nominations in the 2020 race.


There are so many other interesting stories deserving attention rather than the pitiful cast wasting time of the fair goers. Thankfully, no East Coast states, except New Hampshire, have had to endure the babble generated in Des Moines. This stuff has gone on since 1884 and at the fairgrounds since 1886.


What an endurance run, honestly not worthy of national attention.


State fairs generally are entertaining. The carnival atmosphere gets lots of attention. Better though are the animal displays where youngsters show off how they bred pigs, goats, horses and fowl of all types. All kinds of good food. Educational for certain. Plus, tractor pulls and all sorts of crafty things are worth more than this year’s aggregation of politicos.


Admittedly, and thankfully, this correspondent did not have to fly to Iowa for the awful procession of wannabes. Lots of chuckles were available from videos. Even the state’s newspapers have begun to question continuing the nation’s first caucus.


One thing learned from the 11-day fair antics is there’s not a “dimes worth of difference between the Democrats” who brought a pall — a shroud — over the fete.


Some political watchers can recall it was Alabama’s rascally George Wallace who compared his Democrat and Republican opponents that way. He also was an American Independent presidential candidate shot in Laurel, Maryland, in May, 1972.


Surely the current cadre of Democrat campaigners are obviously one-note players. Yes, they hate en masse. Let’s be kinder: they abhor and despise all that’s good about the USA and the man at 1600. More coffee, please.


Factually, they want to rip out the core of basic American values and bring in socialism, rewriting history and infiltrating schools with nonsense. Frightfully they are making some headway.


All of the poll takers have taken leave of their senses. These professionals apparently are afraid to talk to hardworking people up and down the byways who don’t want to ruin the Land of the Free. The pollsters don’t know how to reach that “silent majority,” and they haven’t learned anything from the 2016 ballot casters.


While the Iowa hornswogglers did their best to grab all the news cycles, viewers had better fun by watching baseball, pro wrestling or that Michigan veterinarian Dr. Jan Pol expertly castrating horses, pigs, dogs cats and sheep.


Well, neutering the Democrat field is on the horizon. It will be a debacle for the misanthropes posing as carers, and Dr. D.J. Trump will be on duty.


Mr. Trump’s thought of taking on Greenland is probably a good one. Seward’s Folly was pretty solid for Alaska back in 1867. It’s doubtful today’s Alaskans would want a return to Russia citizenship.


Greenland’s life style would improve rapidly as a U.S. territory, not remain a third world island. On second thought, maybe Denmark would take Puerto Rico in a swap. Don’t worry that’s not on the table. And, out of line anyway to even suggest.


One more thing. President Trump’s style of play has invigorated the population, excepting the usual suspects who can’t stand success.


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