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August 19, 2019

It's Your Vote! Use It!

Guest Columnist

Amanda Miller


Members of the Republican Women’s Club were at the Urbana Carnival last month. We had a great time and enjoyed meeting everyone. While there, I saw something surprising, more and more millennials were coming into our tent, asking if they could register to vote Republican.


In Maryland, a person can register to vote when they are 16, a United States citizen, and are not disqualified from voting as outlined by Maryland State Law (


Later this month the Republican Women of Frederick County will be taking part in a training session on how to register voters in Maryland. We are excited to be taking part in this training and are looking forward to meeting more members of our community.


Yes, this is a bit of a plug for the Republican Women of Frederick County. I happen to think this is a wonderful group of women who want to engage the community and support women. More than that, this is a group of women who want to educate the community, which includes supporting every citizen’s right to vote.


Voting is a fundamental right that too many people take for granted in the United States. We all come from different backgrounds. We all have our own stories. That’s what makes American so rich and diverse. These life experiences shape our views, which in turn impacts our most sacred franchise; our vote.


Just because I don’t agree with you that doesn’t make you wrong, it doesn’t make me wrong. It means we have different ideas. That is why voting is so important, our vote hopefully guides our elected lawmakers to make decisions that are the best for our county, our state, and our country. If our elected officials do not vote or lead how we voted, we are free to vote for someone else in the next election.


The Republican Women of Frederick are a Republican organization supporting the principles of the Republican Party platform and encouraging women to participate in the political process. Voting is an essential part of this process, and we need to research the candidates we are voting for and researching the ballot amendments being brought forth.


We are not going to agree on every candidate or on every issue and that is all right. This is what our system of government was crafted for. What matters is that the people be engaged and vote. But do your research first! It is easy to get swept away by a heartfelt plea of a nicely worded speech. I am all for helping my neighbors, protecting those who cannot protect themselves, but not if it means infringing on the rights of fellow countrymen.


Thomas Jefferson said: “We do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.” If you are not registered to vote, get registered. It is easy, fast, and will allow you to have a say in the direction our leaders take us.


Next month The Republican Women of Frederick County will be in the Republican Tent at the Great Frederick Fair. We are looking forward to seeing everyone, so stop on by when you’re there. We would love to meet you! If you’re interested exploring our mission, October 14th is our annual dinner auction. If you would like more information on the Republican


Women of Frederick County please reach out to us at:, or we will see you at the fair!


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