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August 15, 2019

The Nationís Biggest Fear?

Harry M. Covert

It was Phineas T. Barnum, the Connecticut Yankee, businessman, politician, showman and circus founder, who was known to love and use hoaxes for personal gain.


He’s given wide credit for the saying: “There’s a sucker born every minute.”


Another New Englander apparently follows suit these days, cashing in big time, running around looking for supporters who can keep him in the spotlight, hoping for a presidential nomination.


The subject here is Bernie Sanders, the 77-year-old who abandoned his Brooklyn, New York, roots in 1968 for Vermont. He’s the junior senator and independent. However, this gas-bagger wants the Democrat Party’s blessing for his high hope. No chance in reality.


Getting back to the scamming business, the left-winger “ole Bern” is living in a dream world for certain. For example, as the world boils over in the Mideast and in Asia, particularly in Hong Kong, now, Senator Sanders touts climate change as the biggest threat to (U.S.) security than ISIS and al Qaeda.


The tragedy here is that lots of innocents have fallen for his naïveté. He acts like a fakir. (I know, he’s not a religious ascetic.)


This entire climate change ruse is exactly that. Certainly most people want to maintain good environment in the USA and around the world.


However, the universe is not going to disintegrate any time soon. Are countries in Europe, Africa and Central and South America, along with the Arctic or Antarctica running amok over plastic bags, straws, bottles and similar items? The answer is maybe not.


Of course, care should be used when people around the world in general enjoy oceans and seas, etcetera and etcetera. However, the warming fear is a wasted worry.


How many of all the fear mongers have ever visited world spots where the biggest problems are finding food and securing a successful daily lifestyle.


Listening to the current list of political celebrities is nauseous. Somehow they take pride in their amnesia about how easy they have it. Widespread nuclear power causes lots of concern for world survival.


There is a big however. Blowing up countries and killing people must be prevented. The scientific community worldwide says planet earth will not be destroyed by man and human developed destructive devices. Everybody with any sense ought to know that.


Scaring people with the bogus world ending climate change stuff is foolish and wrong, wrong and wrong. No one knows if – or when – the world will end. This gag has been promoted for centuries. Yes, it’s been said lately beware of the next 11 or 12 years. Hogwash is too nice to describe the crystal gazers, clairvoyants, or palm readership who say “the end is near.”


The most frightful thing is the nut cases determined to destroy the Democrat Party and also intent on confusing the public and shattering the nation.


That Mr. Barnum, who once was a newspaper publisher, sure knew his public. Poor old Bernie Sanders needs to know and understand the real dangers facing Americans. It’s not the weather.


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