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August 13, 2019

Evil Still Lurks, No Answers

Harry M. Covert

Certainly, the vast majority of citizens all over the nation believe in good and without equivocation oppose evil in all of its forms. Perhaps this reads obvious and maybe somewhat inane.


To the gun grabbers and their media gabblers, the only answer to the murder scourge making the rounds is to take away all weapons, primarily guns of any size from every person.


Let’s face it. Not a single woman or man on local, state and national stages has offered one serious effective solution that would stop monstrous actions by any individual.


Whether one person, or those in a mass shooting, or stabbing, or car wreck who succumbs, or is mangled is wrong, evil, devastating and black-hearted.


The nation has been in mourning because of all the vicious conduct perpetrated in Ohio and Texas. At the same time, the shooting of a Baltimore off-duty policeman in front of his home by robbers recently is just as horrific. The officer fortunately is recovering slowly despite severe bullet wounds in his torso and legs. The two shooters have not been found.


More murders, not classified as mass, are still being carried out on Baltimore streets, in Chicago and other small and large cities.


In Tennessee, an escaped convict was captured. He killed a longtime prison official before escaping on a farm tractor. Evil for sure.


Then there’s the billionaire sexual predator who escaped final justice in New York City’s federal jail. He hanged himself while supposedly being under constant watch. Hmm!


Conspiracists have gone off on tangents as usual, carelessly inferring that other well-known wealthy people are responsible.


The whole idea of what causes people to commit appalling crimes never seems to find a solution, particularly from those supposed to keep the peace and dignity of all.


It is so easy to prattle on about the same old stuff that doesn’t curb shootings, killings, stabbing, stealings and other forms of depravity in current society.


When will law enforcement be able to seize illegal guns and knives, take them off all the streets?


The answer? Never. Similarly, no police agency, no politician, no psychiatrist or psychologist, or other doctors will ever figure “What evil lurks in the hearts of men (and women).”


The above quote is not frivolous here. It comes from the old radio drama, The Shadow. Lots of truth in it, though.


Hands are wringing, talk again has become cheap. However, solutions remain far away and out of reach. Pessimistic perhaps. To start with, answers must begin in the home, where the basic values must be taught in the family.


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