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August 12, 2019

Socialism Sensory Overload

Jason Miller

An estimated 1,000 parents saw an exodus from their basements last week as the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) held their annual convention this year in Atlanta from August 1st through the 4th.


The mass migration of 1057 triggered DSA delegates held court among their peers. To no educated person's surprise, the circus came to town.


The cult of perpetual victimhood, overinflated self-entitlement, and personal privilege has caused a bulbous canker sore on the body politic of America. The DSA is home to the most anti-America citizens of the United States that listening to the speeches are almost 5th Column in nature.


The saddest part about this Atlanta convention was the number of young people griping about how the American Dream was hard work. Yah... it is. I am no millionaire but I’ve had the honor and privilege of breaking bread with some people of means. Newsflash: they worked their tails off to get half of what they really earned after taxes. The rest DSA would consider obscene profit.


The truth is that many of today’s wealthiest DSA young people have had it easy. Imagine a business spout. Before the Internet! Shocking right? How did people advertise? How did they sell things without it? The answer is hard work, long hours, perseverance, and mostly bullheaded stubbornness. No fidget spinners 30 years ago.


A wealthy farmer (for example) can draw the attention of the DSA crowd because the farmer (he/him or she/her) owns too much land and/or oppresses animals under the scourge of the profit motive. Collective Co-Op faming is now all the rage in the city slicker coffee hangouts. Stalin and Mao must have done it wrong, or so we are led to believe.


What the DSA doesn't consider in its anti-ownership pipe dream is that a farmer's day likely starts at 3 A.M. so (he/him/she/her) can get (the/them) cows milked, (the/them) pigs fed, (the/it) equipment ready so (the/it) crops are planted, or harvested, or juiced, or shipped, or any number of (the/it) demands that owning and operating a farm requires. The wealth of (he/him/she/her) farmer is the bounty of (their/the) labor that the DSA pretends to champion.


These DSA delegates could barely form a coherent thought outside of systemic oppression and the increasing demands for even more free stuff courtesy of other people’s money. They have enshrined a national laziness into a platform.


These self-righteous DSA delegates scold capitalism for not failing to provide more to the nation as these basement dwellers consume the bacon, sausage, pancakes, waffles, orange juice, milk, and every other item on the convention's working buffet breakfast made possible by capitalism.


The DSA convention, as a whole was glorious display of absolute ineptitude in form and function, was captured for all to see. The sad part is that their message is gaining steam. Too bad civics isn’t taught in school like it used to be.


Everyone who wants a laugh to sit back, pop some popcorn; and watch the train wreck of endless pretentiousness is encouraged to do so. You’ll be riveted by "personal privilege" on everything. You’ll want to rip out your eyes with a spork as debates drone on over "invisible disabilities" and the oppression mindfulness of your snowflake comrades.


If you make it past that and are still a glutton for punishment, the heated diatribes over the gender pronouns and how they cause "sensory overload" is a worthy goal.


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