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August 9, 2019

Sabotaging Law and Order

Harry M. Covert

Insidious efforts to make Frederick County, Maryland, a sanctuary for illegal, undocumented and/or immigrant lawbreakers has begun in earnest. Make no bones about it. A direct attack on law and order.


Yes, obviously following the lead from national Democrat politicians, Frederick’s liberals are determined to attack the county’s most popular elected official.


Sheriff Chuck Jenkins is in his fourth term as the chief law enforcement officer in the county. His popularity among the county’s almost 230,000 citizens infuriates those holding the reins of county leadership, including the County Council.


The off-the-wall liberals have been unable to defeat Sheriff Jenkins in elections. Galling! So, their next best avenue is attempts to undermine the Sheriff’s Office for participating in the federal 287(g) program under the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), passed by Congress, and coming under the Department of Homeland Security.


Simply put, Sheriff Jenkins and his deputies cooperate with the feds dealing with violators of national laws, effectively.


Frederick County’s executive has decided to audit the sheriff’s office to determine if any county funds are being used to administer the ICE program. Simply put, ICE reimburses the sheriff’s office for housing each and every illegal immigrant. Likely that daily per immigrant reimbursement is higher than the cost the county allocates per inmate per day.


The insinuation from County Executive Jan Gardner is twofold. First, searching for misdeeds in the sheriff’s operation. Second, it comes from the liberal led county council, who want desperately to eliminate the constitutional office of sheriff in general, and malign and defeat Sheriff Jenkins specifically.


The executive and council president, vice president and others, are in cahoots with some Frederick City aldermen. They would dearly love to make the county and city a sanctuary for lawbreakers, who have invaded Maryland’s Baltimore and Montgomery County.


The savage underlying attempts suggest that Frederick County conservatives and Republicans are white supremacists. Worse yet, the local libs join with their national allies to infer that enforcing local, state and national laws is somehow racist. Bull pockets to them all.


Yes, the scheduled audit by the county executive is a direct shot across the bow, to use a naval metaphor. This is a continuation of efforts to demean the office of sheriff, and the man elected to protect the public.


Suggestions have reared their ugly heads to create a county police department. A costly multiple million dollar-plus effort only to try and control and minimize the sheriff. It’s been tried before but was defeated.


Sheriff Jenkins will soon be conducting meetings to discuss the effectiveness of working with ICE and 287(g). Previous meetings were held but invaded by disrupting outsiders. These protestors should be prevented from another show. Maybe a few days in the Adult Detention Center is in order, maybe isolation. Now, that’s a funny.


In all likelihood, more direct efforts are on the horizon to sabotage the Sheriff’s Office. In these tumultuous political days, locals think they can follow the national nincompoops disguised as true blue lawmakers when they literally are lawbreakers.


Frederick County and its towns must not succumb to the blather allowing their streets and areas to be asylums for illegal immigrants.


Some suggestions have popped up that perhaps Sheriff Jenkins could be the top candidate for county executive in the next race. Now that would be an exciting race.


However, his effectiveness as county sheriff has been exemplary. His service is not only praised locally, it has drawn attention nationally. His advice is sought. What better spot than at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Yes, The President, number 45, has his eye on Sheriff Jenkins, a frequent Oval Office guest. What’s next?


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