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As Long as We Remember...

August 7, 2019

Where’s The GOP Leadership?

Cindy A. Rose

I’m done. I’m fried and it has nothing to do with the dog days of summer. What am I missing? The Democratic Party in Frederick County is out in force all day every day. The Republican Party is where?


I watched a handful of conservatives give public comment during the last Frederick County Council meeting vs. a bus load of liberals. The topic most discussed was the Immigration and Customs Enforcement 287(g) program (ICE). This is the program the Frederick County Sheriff partners with to have criminal, illegal immigrants removed from the county. By all public accounts, it’s removed over 1,000 criminals from the streets of Frederick County.


Not a shock to anyone, the liberals don’t like the program because, well, sanctuary. The conservatives like it because, well, it enforces the law. It appears the liberals’ desire for sanctuary for illegal immigrants outweighs the conservative’s desire for law and order.


I don’t like saying it, but Frederick County seems to lack Republican leadership. By that I mean the political party, not the ideology of conservatism that seems to have found a home in the Frederick County Conservative Club.


Who is leading the Republican “Party” here in Frederick?  Why isn’t someone in political power rallying the Republican troops to push back against the Frederick County Democrats, Frederick County Socialists and RISE, all of which seem to be calling for Sheriff Chuck Jenkin’s head on a pike?


I recall we elected nine members to the Frederick County Republican Central Committee. However, I’ve seen nothing from them since the election. I’ve heard the Frederick County Republican Central Committee (FCRCC) chairman, Craig Giangrande on the radio, saying the only mission of FCRCC is to raise money for the Republican Party. According to their Facebook page: “Members of the FCRCC are non-paid party officials whose primary purpose is to work for the betterment of the Republican Party in Frederick County.”


When does that start?


Former Delegate Kathy Afzali proved how much she was interested in “serving” the citizens and “Party” of Frederick. She may have lost the county executive election, but she did win a spot on the party’s central committee. That’s an all work and no glory position. Who’s shocked she quickly resigned, tucked her tail and ran fast and far away?


There are plenty of caring, passionate Republicans and conservatives in Frederick County who want to do things to preserve the conservative principals of small government, personal responsibility, caring for our neighbors, and building our communities. However, they need guidance. We all hear the “What can I do to help?”


What the Republican Party here in Frederick County needs is for a leader to step out of the shadows and lead. It needs someone with a blue print and a plan to execute it. Right now. we seem to have a lot of ideas circulating around but no one stepping up to combine the passionate troops and give them their mission.


Right now it’s Frederick Democrats and Socialists 1 – Republicans 0.


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