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August 6, 2019

Barbaric Killings, Any Answers?

Harry M. Covert

Questions abound apparently without answers after 251 mass shootings in the past 217 days in the nation. The latest are 22 deaths in El Paso, Texas, and nine killings in Dayton, Ohio.


What a way to begin an essay regarding conditions in a free nation. The cold blooded indiscriminate killings are outrageous for sure. Solutions fail in this time of tragedy, evil and hatred. Most certainly barbaric. Why?


There is no easy way to discover mental illness. Use of the word crazy isn’t proper, or the manner in which it may describe many individuals, young and old, female and male. 


The mass of violence must be stopped. But how? Describing evil and meanness must be done. It is not political in any way. While the nation is embroiled in extremely partisan electioneering, who has a solution to prevention of murder, assault or crime? 


Who can determine or identify the “nut cases,” to describe them in popular vernacular? Psychologists and medicos won’t use that term professionally. But, mental misfits are certainly roaming society and have for all the ages of the human race.


Who is able – or authorized – to pick out the “crazies?” Lawmakers and other leaders only consider legislation, never the roots of evil in all its forms. Where are they looking for answers?


Racial hatred, bigotry and white supremacy promotion has probably reached its highest level and has no place in today’s life. There must be broad societal teaching of goodness, manners and religious tenets.


The constant assaults on traditional values have been destroying the core of happy living for many decades. Respect for fellow citizens has lost its way in all avenues. In other words, right and wrong are now confused. Lots of variations have slipped into the American culture, everything is okay.


Well, everything is not up to snuff. How awful it is to keep up with the rate of killings and shootings. Still, where does the fault lie?


Obviously immediate calls for gun control are prodigious. Millions of Americans own legally purchased guns of all descriptions and are law abiding without question.


Lots of laws are on the books determining who can and can’t buy firearms. Wicked, demonic and devilish people remain in society. Too often they are not discovered until after their devastating actions.


There are lots of criminals’ daily dealing in the underground black market buying illegal guns and committing murderous and felonious acts.


Whether one person or masses of people lose their lives, it is horrible, inexcusable. Questions remain. Viable answers, not political machinations, must be found.


According to the Guinness World Records, the Bible is the largest selling book of all time. It says, “Do good to all people.” Now, that’s the roadmap for life.


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