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August 1, 2019

When Good Surpasses the Bad

Harry M. Covert

It’s rather obvious the apostates and heretics are running wild throughout. Instead of further calling them out for their distasteful public comments and conduct, let’s point out some good things in Baltimore.


The first question arising is where are all the people of faith in the midst of the evil goings on? Why have they been so quiet?


One of the major assets of Baltimore is the Trauma Center of the University of Maryland Medical Center. This magnificent facility on Greene Street is known for its lifesaving abilities and is the model for such facilities all over the world.


It is a vast hospital where suffering patients receive phenomenal care from devoted doctors, nurses and other staff. Despite extremely hot temperatures outside of late, the healing procedures inside are ongoing without delay.


The public in general, in all probability, is unaware of the remarkable services provided when vital advanced medical treatments are needed, especially of the emergency type.


Numerous visits in recent weeks have seen the superb results of this great hospital. My eldest son has required extreme medical attention. The retired soldier has received incredibly good attention. He is on the road to recovery thanks to the surgeons and staff.


His journey to the Trauma Center began at Frederick Memorial Hospital’s emergency room some weeks ago after a midnight trip. There, a coterie of doctors and nurses discovered critical issues. Without delay he was helicoptered to the Baltimore Trauma Center in the predawn morning.


The urgency of the medical procedures were lifesaving. The quality of the medicos is and was second to none.


Smack in the middle of all the troubles facing the state’s largest city, rabid discussion of the city’s failures are evident. It is far better and easier to talk about the great medical successes. How uneasy it becomes to face the tragedy of the inner city.


Driving through parts of Baltimore to reach lifesaving facilities is difficult and, scary as much as this hurts.


Hospital visitors are faced with many panhandlers, needy people, asking for alms. It is not easy to ignore cries for help from those carrying printed signs, noting hungry, homeless and “veterans.”


The wonderful work in the medical field is outstanding without question. Who has the responsibility to find solutions to curb poverty so rampant in half of Baltimore while another half is prosperous?


Of course, it’s the elected leaders. Again, the poverty, loss of businesses and disturbing growing rate lies with all the local and state leaders. It’s not a new problem.


It just so happens attention to the failure of locally elected leaders is now in the public discussion. It should be. Criminal activities in Baltimore must be addressed and stopped.


Good people must take charge. Just like the principled citizens who led the way to exemplary medical and educational facilities, the same talent can find solutions throughout the various communities, especially those crime-infested neighborhoods.


How happy this parent is that the Trauma Center provides the best service for patients, regardless of race, religion, gender – or politics.


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