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As Long as We Remember...

July 31, 2019

More Racism and the Politics of Hatred

Patricia A. Kelly

The day after Robert Mueller testified on Capitol Hill, The Frederick News Post ran a headline that read, “Mueller: No Russia exoneration for Trump” above an Associated Press non-story about the event, focused primarily on his concern that Russian election meddling persists, and his concern that foreign help for American campaigns may become the new normal.


This is a classic example of what the AP and other news media report and distort in their reporting on President Donald Trump and on current events.


The most glaring error in the Mueller report was the failure of his team to examine, as part of their mission to investigate Russian interference in the election, how the investigation into President Trump and his campaign began.


It began with a FAISA warrant based on a now discredited Christopher Steele report purchased by the Hilary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee used by the Obama White House to justify spying on the Trump campaign.


When President Trump said his phones were being tapped, to universal ridicule by the press, he was telling the truth.


More recently, President Trump has been tweeting about “AOC plus three”, especially Rep. Ilhan Omar (D., MN), suggesting they return to where they came from, fix things there, then return and use lessons learned to make things better here.


The only mention of race came from them, who also suggested Nancy Pelosi was discriminating against them because of their color. Now the press uses the “R” word in reporting every critical tweet Trump makes.


Do we live in a world where one can only criticize people of the same color?


The latest round of battle concerns the City of Baltimore, as Mr. Trump takes aim at Rep. Elijah Cummings (D., MD), a vocal critic. Of course, he could have been a little more tactful, but much of Baltimore is indeed a pesthole, and has been for years.


Baltimore was badly damaged by the loss of manufacturing and dock-related jobs. Those with jobs left the inner city, leaving empty houses and decay. Baltimore has more houses than people now, and no one in leadership can figure out what to do about the lack of mentorship for the unemployed poor, the horrible public schools, division between police and people, the drug use and crime that pervades many parts of the city.


There are some murals and security cameras now, gaping holes where houses were, trash and decay in most of what’s left. No progress for the poorest, though. So sad.


A television pundit asked last week if President Trump’s recent criticism of the “Squad,” now colloquially known as AOC plus three, would make it more difficult for Democrats to work with Republicans in Congress. I wonder if their less-reported comments calling Mr. Trump a traitor, a racist, a criminal, a misogynist, incompetent, mentally ill, and more could possibly impact cooperation.


Donald Trump’s first campaign speech included the assertion that immigrants from south of the border included criminals and rapists and also some good people. The Left has been after him ever since. They would have been anyway. After all, he disrupted the big plan and beat the “anointed one” in 2016.


He can be crude, a street fighter, and a name caller. Although his tweets have unveiled many truths, most would prefer more “presidential” behavior.”


President Barack Obama was pretty presidential, but under that, what lurked? His failure to deal with Syrian chemical attacks; his kneeling to kiss the ring of the King of Saudi Arabia; his moves in the direction of globalization and single-payer, government controlled health care; his reflexive response that any attack on a person of color was racist; his push for division among people of different races and cultures; his very limited success in improving the economy after the 2008 recession, speak more clearly than his words.


Do we want style or substance?


Do we want bigger federal government that controls our health care choices, education, business decisions, and words?


Do we want to ignore criminal behavior and pretend the “housing crisis” in West Coast cities is a housing crisis instead of drug dependence gone wild?


Do we want to see criminals as victims?


Do we want the newly decreed rights of the few to supersede the rights of the majority?


Do we want illegal immigrants to be welcomed with baskets of free stuff?


Both sides react to every remark in political terms. Cut that out. We want all of you to graduate from kindergarten and take on issues.


Mr. Trump is the president. He is who he is, and we know who he is. He has not been proven guilty of any crime. He has a right to privacy.


Time to get over it. If you don’t like our president, win the next election.


In the meantime, Congress, do your work


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