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July 30, 2019

Martial Law for Crime City?

Harry M. Covert

How painful it is today. Baltimore, Maryland’s once proud Charm City, is now Crime City. Bluntly, statistics bring to the fore that fact, not fiction, prove the troubles affecting the historic jurisdiction.


This year alone amid startling poverty rates, 171 murders have been recorded through July 11. The total a year ago at this time the killing rate was 147. That’s a rise of 16 percent.


Tragic for certain. Naturally the old line is gun control. However, no politicians, or would-be leaders, have any idea how to curb the growing violence. They all dance around the issue.


Where has the Maryland General Assembly been in figuring out or offering solutions? Asleep? The next question: where have the present and past governors, legislators and city electeds been? Where are all the faith leaders?


In reality, all of the above haven’t offered a single functional answer to solving the increasing violence.


Sitting members of Baltimore’s congressional delegation have disgraced themselves. Actually they ignore their city’s ongoing violence and try to turn attention to other matters away from the city.


Any national leader who questions the Baltimore fiasco is immediately labeled a racist in today’s lingo. How convenient. How wrong. How sad.


The streets are not safe. Recently the deputy police commissioner and his wife were assaulted and robbed at gun point. Cute, huh!


The new mayor, city council and the state’s attorney have lost their way to protect the people. Corruption at the highest levels has been rampant. The city’s police have an extremely difficult and dangerous job.


As radical as this may appear, the federal government may be forced to intervene in these municipal affairs. The current state government headquartered in Annapolis appears handicapped and oblivious to any solution.


The city is in a mess without question. But why has it been allowed to fall into such disrepute? The leaders have widely failed the people. The population at large suffers.


There is no nice way to discuss the widespread daily crime spree. It’s become dangerous to visit the Inner Harbor, the sporting stadia and other attractions.


Will the current governor be forced to call out the National Guard to bolster the police department in patrolling streets and investigating the crime? That must be considered.


Criminal activity no longer involves just petty matters and hasn’t for a long time. If the city and state can’t curb the vast breach of the peace, then the federal Department of Justice must call in all of its sworn law agencies.


Racist? No. That term has become a meaningless political mantra and doesn’t help, rescue or protect the innocent citizens.


Other large cities are suffering from high crime rates. Are the reasons political? The answer again is no. The current crime rate is out of control. Government at all levels must take action.


Some form of “martial law” may be needed. Not a pleasant thought. But the troubles must be stopped. The perpetrators, young and old, girls or boys, whomever, must be brought to justice.


Crime in Baltimore is raging out of control.


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