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July 24, 2019

A Study in Incrementalism

Cindy A. Rose

Jessica Yaniv is a Canadian transgender female (male) with male genitalia. He is currently suing 15 Canadian women who have refused to give him a Brazilian wax. That is to remove all the hair from his belly button to buttocks.


These women are licensed professionals who refused because they don’t want to perform the service on a “man.” Of course, he’s crying transphobic discrimination.


Several of the women in these cases have already lost their jobs. Why? How can a man, who is pretending to be a woman, legally force biological women to touch his penis and scrotum? We used to call that sexual assault. #MeToo?


This is what happens when you allow feelings and emotions to trump science and laws. If Mr. (Ms.) Yaniv had requested his private areas be waxed under his birth name of John and was refused, that would be the end of it. He couldn’t cry discrimination because, in a law abiding world, men cannot force women to touch their genitalia.


Why, then, are we allowing men pretending to be women to do things we would never allow men who aren’t pretending to do? Patriarchy? Misogyny? Emotional wokeness?


Put all the lipstick you want on him, he’s still a man demanding his penis be touched by a woman.


Women are losing their rights and ability to earn a living for saying “no.”


We are being silenced and paralyzed into non-action by fear. Fear of the progressive Democrat-outrage-mobs that always appear to crush the opposition. Obey or be socially savaged. They are literally forcing women to touch transwomen’s genitalia to prove they’ve made you believe a woman can actually have male genitalia; and the reasonable do nothing. We are living in Panem, a fictional country in “The Hunger Games.”


How do you get reasonable people to believe and act unreasonably?


Through incrementalism. What does incrementalism look like?


Incrementalism starts small and, in this instance, manipulates your compassion. It builds slowly overtime so as not to be noticed by those who might oppose it. Eventually you get to the Jessica Yaniv’s of the world demanding you touch “her” penis or be fired and ridiculed out of the public square.


We get Drag Queen story hour in which children between the ages of 2 and 6 are allowed to climb on the lap of a man dressed as a woman and groper “her” fake breasts.


We get I, Pedophile on Amazon that minimizes the dangers of pedophiles.


We get “I am Jazz” that glorifies the myth of “sex reassignment” and glosses over the very real consequences and failures of denying one’s biology.


We get Desmond is Amazing, an 11 year old boy who dresses in drag in bars where adult men give him money while he dances. He now has a pedophile admirer.


And Yaniv himself now wants to host a swimming party for 12-year-old girls who will be allowed to go topless. Oh, and their parents aren’t allowed to attend. Will the mob silence the opposition? Will there be opposition?


Locally incrementalism looks like Frederick County Public Schools policy 443. (Allowing boys in the girl’s bathrooms and locker rooms. Forced use of pro-nouns.) It looks like the FCPS 7th grade video resource “Expressing Myself. My Way.”


Notice the theme of targeting children? Children are easier to manipulate than adults.


Incrementalism always starts out small and manipulates your compassion until it’s taken over and your left living in Panem.




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