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As Long as We Remember...

July 18, 2019

The Squad of Misfits

Harry M. Covert

It is rather popular to call political opponents racists and other inflaming words in these midsummer days. There are some locutions that perfectly describe the four demagogues making the rounds – hating America in public and seemingly getting away with it.


There is no way to put aside the distasteful actions of The Squad in the House of Representatives. Real and true serving Democrats have allowed them to insult the House and once esteemed members.


It’s rather shocking the “bad girls” have even taken on the Speaker, who rebuked them for spreading untoward comments. They are giving the party known as Democrats an even heavier dose of a disreputable public persona.


Might as well name this quartet as much as it is painful. They are Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY); Ilhan Omar, (MN); Ayanna Pressley (MA); and Rashida Tlaib (MI).


Delving into history. Five duly elected House members have been kicked out. The Senate has expelled 15. Let’s reverse all of their own impeachment babble. Some other names could be used here.


If the Speaker, born and raised in Baltimore, had any intestinal fortitude, guts to be more specific, she could call a vote of her remaining motley crew and remove the four of the female gender species.


Of course, the firestorm would be almost unbelievable but appropriate. In the quiet of what’s known as the House Democratic Cloakroom, the grins and agreements would be there. Go ahead and say it or think it, “how dare ridding the legislative branch of such menaces.” Timely, though.


There is no denying The Squad isn’t interested in serving America. They want to destroy the nation. Along with the other socialists-communists-liberals (SCL) comrades scurrilously running around, they are wholeheartedly “grifters,” preying on those who innocently listen.


This collection of SCLs, as described above, should be unseated from the Congress, yes indeed, for unbecoming conduct. And, not because they identify by the XX chromosome; major or minor ethnicity; and real or imagined ecclesiastical preferences.


Merely because people disagree on fundamental issues does not mean they are racist. That has become a disgraceful use of the language. It’s an easy way to ruthlessly demean people just for the “heck of it” when they have no other good argument.


They are lesser people on the political scene. The power chase underway has become totally scandalous by and for the national Democrats and their pretenders, a once respectable institution.


Okay, The Squad is an irrational team of misfits determined to make their abhorrence of all that’s good the standard for everyday Americans. Besides, they don’t like anyone not like them. What does that mean? Not a difficult guess. Means clearly and succinctly, they are the racists, the race-baiters.


It was mentioned they should return to where they originated. That wasn’t new. People aware of recent national conversation undoubtedly were thinking the same thing, but probably scared to call them for what they are or represent.


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