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July 17, 2019

Racism, Racism, Racism

Patricia A. Kelly

An old refrain with historic merit, now the outlandish rant of so many, the word is endemic in our political world today. The latest drama revolves around the “Squad,” Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D, N.Y), Rashida Tlaib (D, MI), Ayanna Presley (D, MA), and Ilhan Omar (D, MN).


These “lovely” young ladies have taken Congress and the American political scene by storm with their radical leftist agenda and outspoken criticism of President Donald Trump’s policies, American law, and, in the case of Representative Omar, egregious anti-Semitism.


New to Congress, they have received very important committee appointments for which they are distinctly unqualified. Thanks to social media, their opinions and comments are blasted to all and repeated throughout the day by the media.


Representative Ocasio Cortez, with her air of youthful innocence, is charming and pretty, “smokin’ hot,” according to my son, and completely out in left field. Besides her distortion of facts, her greatest accomplishment so far has been to help prevent Amazon from building a second headquarters in her home district, leading to the loss of millions of dollars in revenue and thousands of potential jobs.


Representative Omar is known for her blatantly anti-Semitic and seriously anti-American comments, although she has recently asserted that she loves America more than anyone.


These ladies have recently upped their racism game, even accusing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D., CA) of discriminating against them because of their color. All she has done is to point out their small numbers, and how they were the “only four votes” in favor of the Green New Deal. What she should have done is to arrange for Representative Omar to be sanctioned and removed from her position on the Foreign Relations committee, given her obvious bias.


No one has used the “R” word but them. Although there is concern among many Americans about Muslims after radical Islamic attacks, even that has rarely been mentioned.


More than racism or hatred based on religion, the concern of many arises from radical, supposedly Islam-based attacks on our country and many others. It’s hard for most people to figure out what is Islam, and what is a culturally and ideologically distorted version of it that has led to the march to Jihad.


True Muslims tend to be quiet, modest people. Unlike the average American, many are hesitant to enter into public dialogue on the subject, which adds to the problem for Americans, from our rough and ready “tell it like it is” culture.


That said, America, and much of the rest of the world has a history of racism. Back in the day, people of different cultures and different races than white were generally considered to be inferior to the Caucasian settlers of the United States.


Part of this is the normal, self-defensive tendency of people to associate with those like themselves. If you didn’t really know “the others,” it was safer to stay with your own kind. The level of development of different societies, i.e. Europe vs. Africa, fostered the belief that people from less developed nations were inferior to the advanced Europeans. I guess no one had yet read “Guns, Germs and Steel,” by Jared Diamond, a much better explanation of cultural diversity.


Another cause for the perpetuation of racism is the need for some people to “know” they’re better than someone else. No matter what a lazy, creepy loser you know you are, it’s nice to believe you’re intrinsically better than others, by virtue of their race, religion or culture.


Most of us are now aware that all humans are intrinsically equal, much more the same under the skin than different. Racism has decreased enormously in the United States, and slavery, a world-wide curse, is over.


Just look around. How many people of color and people of sexual predilections other than heterosexuality are in leadership positions around the country? Look at how many are music, television and movie legends whose opinions, right or wrong, influence our political leaders.


Things have changed.


Yes, there is residual racism here, but it has dramatically decreased, while equality of opportunity has increased.


Now, though, “racism” is the political weapon of choice, especially in the face of a losing argument.


The only people mentioning racial bias toward the “Squad” are the members themselves. No one cares what race they are. People care about their radicalism and in-your-face rhetoric.


People care that they express concern for illegal immigrants but fail to vote for spending to help make them comfortable. People care that they make no effort to find legal solutions to the border crisis, something Congress has completely failed to address for decades.


They are the racists. People who default to the racism argument do it as a last resort. It’s not racist to be pro-legal immigration. Neither Nancy Pelosi or Donald Trump, or many of the others so identified recently are racist.


Get over it. Find a real argument. We’re sick of this.


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