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As Long as We Remember...

July 4, 2019

About those 88,752 Days

Harry M. Covert

How great it is. Celebrating this awesome birthday. The greatest nation ever. July the Fourth. All right, cheerleading truly means something. Every American is rah-rahing. If they aren’t, take away those hot dogs, burgers and fries.


Take a look at that oft-used word this way: g-r-e-a-t. Wave Old Glory and do it without fear of opposition. Don’t take any threat from any hobgoblin, goof ball who might like to interfere.


Many words can be used to increase the joy of describing the country. For example:


eminent, famous, famed, renowned, prominent, well known, esteemed, respected, illustrious, august, venerable, honored, acclaimed, celebrated, legendary, great; noted, notable, important, significant, influential.


Someday technological wizards may figure a way to give those we call the Founding Fathers a look at their masterpiece. What a prize for their vision. Go ahead, consider those patriots all in Heavenly Climes eyeballing the handiwork.


It is a terrific day – Honoring America. Yes, far too many misanthropes, sourpusses and gloomy Gus’s get some unworthy attention. They are fortunate souls. They most certainly are takers and only prophets of doom.


No more here about the defeatists today.


This Fourth is a wonderful celebration. A day of blessings for each and every person who walks the streets of freedom. Most certainly a time not to forget the 88,752 days since that first July Fourth. Count them now if, gentle reader, you question this total.


Patriotism is at its best today. Revel, delight, in its meaning. This standing is the envy of the rest of the world. And, America, has been the savior of the temporal universe as is known today.


Why not cheer the nation? Can’t think of a single solitary reason not to do so. Quite the reverse. Every moment of every day brings cause to salute the flag without a nanosecond pause.


Today there will be lots of music starting with the “Star Spangled Banner,” then “Hail to the Chief,” “Hail Columbia” and “America the Beautiful.”


There is a bit of history to recall. “Hail Columbia” was considered the first national anthem until the second was official in 1931.


Today “Hail Columbia” is the vice presidential ceremonial march beginning with four ruffles and flourishes.


Then, “Hail to the Chief,” also with four ruffles and flourishes, for the President of these United States of America(including previous ones).


Okay, stand, salute or cross your heart and sing.


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