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July 3, 2019

Questions…and More Questions…

Patricia A. Kelly

People are saying the world has gone crazy. Can’t imagine why, particularly since Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, presidential candidate, has just added a new item to her platform.


It’s reparations for gay couples for the extra taxes they paid, filing as singles, prior to their being allowed to marry.


She plans to pay for this, along with free college and childcare, with a tax, not on the annual income, but on the wealth of the top 0.1% of our population, 75,000 families whose net worth is greater than $50 million. The tax will be an annual two percent of net worth, increasing to 3% for those who’s net worth is over $1 billion.


Someone with $50 million would pay $1 million per year, every year plus taxes on any earnings. If he renounces his citizenship in response, his parting gift to the country will be a tax of 40% percent of his wealth.


Senator Warren is also interested in reparations for descendants of slaves. So, must the gay reparation recipients contribute to slave descendants’ reparations? And how do you determine who is eligible? Must you prove your ancestry, or how long you lived together as a couple? Will we need a new government agency to work this out?


Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders plans to forgive all student loans. He says millennials are “victims” of the system, people who are being punished for doing something good, that is, going to college, rather than for voluntarily taking out loans. He says college should be free. He says millennials will then be able to buy cars and houses. With more loans?


So, what about people who paid their loans, or worked their way through community college and university? Should we consider giving them reparations? What about people who decided to go to work without college because they couldn’t afford it? Clearly, they should make the reparations list.


We shouldn’t forget the Green New Deal during this discussion. Mrs. Warren says her proposed wealth tax would pay for not only free college, but free childcare. Would it be enough to cover retrofitting every building in the United States? Maybe she should add a percent.


Outside the U.S. in Turkey, two major cities, Ankara and Istanbul, are now being led by the secular party in opposition to the ATP, the party of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, an Islamist who promotes theocracy and autocratic rule. From 1922 until Erdoğan’s election, Turkey was a secular country and anti-public religious expression. Clothing expressing religious beliefs was banned from the workplace and schools.


Now the Canadian province of Quebec has passed a similar law banning some public sector employees from wearing religious symbols at work. It also forbids women to wear face coverings when appearing in person to obtain public benefits.


This law is causing quite a ruckus, clear discrimination against Muslims, they say.


Interestingly, significant health problems are associated with the burka, including vitamin D deficiency affecting women and their offspring. Studies have also shown increased obesity from lack of exercise and inability to participate in sports, significantly increased incidence of multiple sclerosis in Iran after the revolution, and increased asthma and colds. However it may protect against transmission of some airborne diseases. Imagine trying to drive a car in one. Someone actually shot a burka-clad woman who was high in a tree picking fruit. He thought she was a monkey.


What if everyone covered their faces when in public? Would that pose a security concern? And if we all wore extreme burkas, with tiny slits for our eyes, who would help us find our way around?


I could go on, but want to share a bit of what some would call common sense that has just come from the White House, home of that “insane” man, President Donald Trump, who will certainly cause the end of the world any minute.


President Trump just signed an executive order requiring hospitals to tell patients the actual price of proposed tests and procedures, including the required copay, prior to the test or procedure, thus allowing them to seek some tests at a lower cost in an outpatient setting. Shop around and choose lower cost medical care? Take charge of your own financial decisions? Find out before your test instead of when you get the bill?


What craziness.


Not only that, he just failed to start a war with Iran or to suck up to them after their attack on an American drone in international air space.


What is wrong with him? He surely needs to be institutionalized!


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