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As Long as We Remember...

July 2, 2019

That Daring Strategic Move

Harry M. Covert

One small step for peace, one small handshake to keep North Korea from total annihilation. In all reality, that’s the present result from the confab at the 38th parallel on the Korean Peninsula.


Not one American soldier was hurt, nor maimed, nor killed two days ago when The President, the commander-in-chief and the true nemesis of left wing Democrat flakes, stepped in to “enemy” territory. He was the first president ever to do so. A gutsy move.


It’s been 66 years since that July 27, 1953, truce stopping the Korean War.


There are lots of critics to Donald Trump’s daring and strategic move. Sounds and appears like he is a determined peacemaker.


Admittedly, this bureau once suggested that The Man (DJT) should bomb the daylights out of the dictator he once called “Rocket Man” and his territory. That remains available.


Instead Mr. Trump used personal diplomacy to thwart any recent missile firings threatening Japan, Guam and even the left coast of the United States. There remains no doubt The President does have his finger on a button that could level the place, almost instantly.


The Korean War was no police action no matter what politicians in those days said. Let’s count the costs of that armed conflict. Almost 40,000 Americans died and some 100,000 were casualties. Some five million civilians were killed.


It would seem that “one small step” is far more preferable than more deaths, casualties of numerous physical and mental injuries. Not one American life is worth losing in that country about the size of Mississippi.


The other matter from President Trump’s significant effort is simply that both the U.S. and NoKo are resuming nuclear talks. That is good.


The bottom line to remember using a slang term, “when all else fails, grab the problem by the throat.” Amen and amen. That’s available.


The American military complex is perhaps stronger than ever. It is ready, willing and able to perform its duty of protecting the nation and the world immediately.


Mr. Trump’s political opponents are laugh-a-lots.


Take time to quiz American veterans of Korea and other wars. They will say it is far better to talk than to use the latest weaponry. Does anyone seriously think The President won’t take military action if all else fails? If that thought remains, a re-think is necessary.


Carry this activity over to the Iranian nuclear situation. President Trump has offered to chat with the mullahs. They’ve said no. Well, this is a significant attitude from the Persians et al. Those leaders could be on the cusp of personal devastation. They are asking for it.


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