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June 27, 2019

Minor Leaguers on Stage

Harry M. Covert

The best choice for teevee viewing last night, that’s Wednesday past, from the once “sun and fun capital” was, thankfully, the baseball game at Marlins Park.


The National Pastime remains the game, not the embarrassment passing off itself as important discourse for the good of mankind, the USA specifically.


Ten minor leaguers were on stage at Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County, Florida, if anyone of sound mind deigned to watch.


Real major leaguers were doing their duty. The Miami Marlins hosted the Washington Nationals of the National League’s East Division.


To be frank, the broadcast team, audio and video, of the Nationals ranks far ahead of those moderators, across town in Miami.


Sports enthusiasts saw two teams improving by leaps and bounds. Obviously the athletes are fun to watch, even watching the umpires is enjoyable, professionals all.


The politicians on stage are practically unwatchable. No, they are in the wrong place. Thankfully, the pros are on the diamond and the audience much better.


Now why talk about sports, baseball, as the 2020 political season remains in high gear? The answer is simple and easy. In times past the Wednesday night 10 and tonight’s other 10, are wearing out their welcome across the land. They would have been ignored as nitwits, off-the-bubble people not worthy of public mention in former glory days of print journalism.


The nation is getting tired of them, of their socialism, of their leaning to communism in the guise of progressivism, whatever that really means. They are flat out boring, living in the wrong century and country.


Back to baseball for a moment. Nationals’ pitcher, Max Scherzer, the game’s best hurler using the old sportswriter’s description, wowed fans Tuesday night. He struck out 10 in eight innings and the Washington’s defeated the home-standing Marlins, 6-1. It was a good game.


This is the best crowd out of the Nation’s Capital these days.


The same two teams play again tonight. Other Major League teams will be aired, too.


Across town from the old Orange Bowl site to a small auditorium, former Vice President “Uncle” Joe Biden will be warmed up hoping for some fastball strikes at his dull opponents. Probably it will be the same-old-same-old.


Former Delaware Senator Biden will be trying to keep his lead position among the Democrat field. He may be superannuated but he’s far more experienced. He’s no word merchant but more fun to watch than the others, still out of the running for prime time. His gaffs are priceless. Good for writers and for laughs in general.


There are lots of similarities in politics and sports writing, plenty of fun and games and stories upon good tales. The current Democrat game doesn’t come close to baseball’s Triple AAA professionals.


The political World Series will be entertaining.


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