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June 25, 2019

Dumb to the Bone

Harry M. Covert

The battle rages over the incredible invasion of illegal aliens at the southern borders. Despite alarms from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, better known as ICE agents, the situation is worse, especially from the House of Representatives.


During this month of remembering the heroes who won World War II, a 29-year-old dilettante from New York’s 14th congressional district, covering parts of the Bronx and Queens, has, again, brought shame on the House.


Her name is Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, youngest member of the once hallowed elected body. She compared detention of illegals by the U.S. to Nazi concentration camps. Awful, disrespectful and callous.


Every American ought to be offended by such crass and inconsiderate talk. Using her name in this space is an abomination because of her ignorance of history.


How can leadership of the House and her party put up with such ghastly comments? Free speech is one thing but dumb is to the bone.


The New York representative has enjoyed lots of notoriety, and some like to promote her standing as a leader. She bills herself as Puerto Rican and has even claimed some Jewish heritage. If anything she is an embarrassment and now losing popularity in her district polls.


She prances around opinionating on topics in which she is a know-nothing. Her Democrat colleagues and leadership make excuses for her. She is a poor example of effective government work for the people.


Some leaders of the national Jewish community have decried use of concentration camp verbiage and Nazi comparisons in today’s political partisanship. They should be clamoring for her expulsion from the elected body.


The AOC person needs to study some history. Take a visit to the United States Holocaust Museum on Raoul Wallenberg Place, Washington, not far from the House; watch the movie Schindler’s List; and see photos of Gen. Dwight Eisenhower and others visiting the camps. Maybe see the biography of Benjamin Ferencz, 98, the last surviving Nuremberg Trial prosecutor.


Handling detainees on the Mexican border can in no way be related to WWII war crimes against humanity.


Democrat socialists spouting their babble in the presidential aspirations are out of touch with the nation. Uncle Joe Biden, the former vice president, is probably the best lamb to face the incumbent president even at his advanced age, 76.


Speaker Nancy Pelosi could well be in her last hurrah. She finally asked the president to delay immediate removal of illegals. This gives her a chance to work out a solution of the border situation. She probably has two weeks, give or take.


Back to the initialed congressperson. She might be cute. But that’s all. She needs a tutor but not from the likes of Bernie Sanders, 77, nor his campaign comrades.


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