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As Long as We Remember...

June 24, 2019

The Tolerant Left

Jason Miller

Did you know an "unlikely and unholy alliance of socialists, communists, anarchists, and anti-capitalist progressives" is active in Frederick County? The Frederick County Democrat Central Committee does. They call themselves the Frederick Socialists and that description is verbatim from their social media page.


These local "socialists" are supporting Councilman Kai Hagen's systematic attacks on Frederick County's 287(g) partnership with ICE along with Stand Up For Racial Justice, the RISE Coalition of Western Maryland, and the Maryland ACLU.


A recent spat on social media between these Socialists and their favorite councilman (Hagen) had some conservatives (like yours truly) grabbing a glass of port and savoring the drama that unfolded in the digital public square for all to see.


One can deduct from the clamor that the Frederick Socialists are none too pleased with the level of anti-287(g) activism coming from local county office holders operating as Frederick County Democrats. They seem downright embittered at the lack of incivility


These socialists had been leveling the term racist at Sheriff Chuck Jenkins for more than a year. When the term was laid upon Democrats, Councilman Hagen responded.


The Frederick Socialists shared an article on their Facebook page about four sick migrant toddlers who were admitted to a hospital from a Border Patrol facility. Their anger with local Democrats was crystal clear as the offered blistering criticism to local Democrats.


"This is just fine according to Frederick County Council. This is just fine according to Frederick County Executive Jan H. Gardner. [Expletive Deleted] all of you racist [Expletive Deleted]. Go to [Expletive Deleted]."


Councilman Kai Hagen had to respond to the Frederick Socialists when it was brought to his attention that Frederick Socialists started to spread misinformation that the Frederick County Council voted to approve the 287(g) partnership with ICE...


A fringe activist asked Mr. Hagen directly “Really?”


Councilman Hagen responded…


"No. Not really. And shame on the writer of the original post for saying so. Facts ought to matter, and not caring enough to be honest and accurate can do a lot of damage to one's credibility. First of all, the council didn’t and doesn’t vote to approve or renew the contract."


The Frederick Socialists tried to repair the damage.


"Kai Hagen, you’re one of the only people in our county government fighting back against this [expletive deleted], and that is a FACT and we appreciate it. We get facts wrong sometimes, and we own it. It was my understanding that the 287g contract was subject to oversight from county council, which is apparently not the case. We appreciate what you have done so far, but don’t think any of you are off the hook for your [Expletive Deleted].


The Socialists continued....


"There is more that our county council could be doing, but you aren’t willing to do it. And we will call all of you the [Expletive Deleted] out on your complicity and for your failures to represent our county in a manner that we approve of."


The Frederick Socialists then added interesting insight into their workings with the Frederick County Democrat Central Committee...


"We just had activists attend a meeting with the Democratic Central Committee of Frederick county and it is my understanding that the democrats support 287g privately while condemning it publicly because they care more about their donors and their (perceived) votes than they do about doing the right thing, even if Jan Gardner does show up once a year to MLK potlucks and hog up microphone time with her white liberal [Expletive Deleted]."


The unhinged left is alive and well in Frederick County. It has attached itself to the local Democrat Party.


Local conservative activists have already started to address the derangement of these so-called “Frederick Socialists.” The Frederick County Conservative Club has asked Councilman Hagen to denounce them multiple times, but he has failed to do so.


It's time for the local Republican Central Committee to denounce this group for advocating a political persuasion that does harm to local businesses and their patrons in Frederick County.


The Frederick Socialists publicly state: "Stop [Expletive Deleted] preaching about civility and get in the streets. Shut down the nightlife. Disrupt bar hours. Cause more financial damage than this ("287(g)") program is worth.


The local Democratic Central Committee have shown itself to be unwilling or unable to denounce direct calls for local deplorable behavior....


I guess they're just too tolerant… unless you’re a conservative at a Trump rally. That’s just too deplorable to tolerate.


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