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June 20, 2019

On The Road Again

Harry M. Covert

How exciting. The presidential sweepstakes are in high gear, and from an Orlando, Florida, extravaganza, the 2020 voting procedures will be the most exciting ever and will be a knockdown/drag out. Good!


Without any doubt events of Tuesday night are a continuation of the 2016 election of President Donald J. Trump. He baffled the in-crowd and their lackeys in all quarters by reaching the hearts and minds of Americans.


Despite the past two vicious years by the “losers” to undercut, create a coup attempt to remove him, the Forty-Fifth President is well on his way to another four-year term in the Oval Office.


How humiliating to “the haters” that “The Communicator” continues to reach everyday Americans with his leadership, straight talk and accomplishments.


It was particularly fun watching Mr. Trump articulating the start of his re-election campaign for the highest office in the world. How about that crowd?


The manner in which he withstands the constant criticism of every part of his being is astounding. His around-the-clock work is incredible. He gets things done.


Currently the Iranians are attempting to provoke a conflict with the U.S. This time the mullahs, and their minions, are barking up the wrong tree. Mr. Trump emphasizes he is not interested in an armed conflict. But, through the secretary of state and other emissaries, the message to them is to not hurt a hair on the head of any American. To be clear, reaction would be swift and devastating. Daring? No, a fact.


Iran is the world’s leading terrorist backers to be accurate.


The thing about Trump’s presidency is straight talk and being a doer. It’s not business as usual and kowtowing to the world’s troublemakers. That’s what terrifies Trump’s homegrown haters and opponents.


As Mr. T moves headlong to another election, the radical left wing, and mass of presidential candidates, prove proof-positive they are socialists. In reality they distinguish themselves as undoers of the nation’s tenets. They want the USA to be like other world countries, second and third rate.


The tragedy facing the country is the millennials and their ilk are out of touch with basic American values. Our history has escaped them, even the Democrat wannabes.


The current polling statistics are out of touch, too. All seem to indicate Mr. T is behind in the race. But, the results are bogus, and don’t mean anything at this point. Mostly wishful thinking.


The next 500 or so days before ballot casting are going to be fiery and thrilling. But the future is indeed at stake. Will those who attempted to overthrow President Trump and his administration face the bar of justice?


They most certainly should endure the “perp walks” many criminals take to answer for their misdeeds. Many members of the House of Representatives have lots to answer for in their disgraceful conduct. They will meet their makers also in 2020.


Others will be facing the music in the coming days. They include the “propagandists” who saturate the airways.


The astonishing thing for Trump haters is he doesn’t let them get away with it. He fights back. That scares them. And should. The president isn’t a whiner or wimp. He won. They didn’t. A blessing for the nation.


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