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As Long as We Remember...

June 17, 2019

Climate Change or Business Climate

Jason Miller

Like clockwork, Progressive Enviro-activist Councilman Kai Hagen wants to tell the rest of us how to live with yet another government mandate.


It seems clear that when Councilman Hagen isn't braying some socialist talking point aimed at Sheriff Chuck Jenkins and 287(g) partnership with ICE, he's off crafting some other government method to save us from ourselves. Behold his latest suggestion that the county explore a single use plastic bag ban.


It's no secret that Councilman Hagen, with absolutely no degree in any field of environmental science, fancies himself as Frederick County's environmental savior. Come to think of it, he has no degree in business either. Yet still he maintains the ambience of a subject matter expert on the environmental impacts that local businesses have on climate change.


Far be it for anyone to chastise anyone else for their passion and dedication to a cause. A line, however; must be drawn when government officials act as their own brain trust when offering expert opinions as the basis for behavioral adjusting bans on the common citizenry of any county.


The Frederick News Post (FNP) ran a story Sunday that adds one more example of Councilman Hagen’s pattern of behavior of callous indifference toward overhead costs created by regulation.


Mr. Hagen said he wasn't proposing any legislation coming up on the bag ban but wanted to have a discussion. When speaking of a proposed county work group to study the matter, he didn't hold back his expert opinion from the FNP reporter. “It wouldn’t surprise me, based on the research of what I’ve done, for the group to come up with some sort of ban on single-use plastics.”


That’s the fastest and most effective working group never to be assembled in the history of Frederick County Government! Councilman Hagen is clairvoyant enough to know the outcome of the working group before it has yet to assemble! Three cheers for his far sight and efficiency to know the outcome of a feasibility study before it's even conducted.


Why stop there? In that case, why not save the time and effort of a work group whose opinion has already been decided and call for a vote to ban the single bags right now?


Councilman Hagen has Councilman Donald's support in the bag so to speak already. This in light of the fact that Councilman Jerry Donald told the FNP that he supports looking into the ban because when he drives up and down the Golden Mile, he often sees discarded plastic bags along the road. There it is folks... we need a bag ban.


Some people also see those shiny candy bar wrappers along the side of the road, too. I guess we need to liberate our county from the self-destructive litterbug behavior of a few people who already care less about the laws in the name of climate change. Better local living through county government regulations.


I'm a convert!

Let’s do it now!

All together!

For the Climate!


A Tesla for every local family! A windmill for every local home! A bicycle for every local person! Be gone foul candy bar wrapper, or plastic bag from aside the road! This is Frederick County!


This is the county where an over inflated sense of self-righteous bravado turns into ego driven public policy! All this and more absolutely free to you, the local taxpayer, through Councilman Hagen’s incremental green new deal for Frederick County.


Like a frog slowly boiling in water, such schemes will slowly raise your taxes to astronomical levels. In the end, nothing is ever free. There is only the perception that it's free because others are paying the costs beyond our immediate sight.


One wishes the Frederick County Council would consume it's time and efforts to come up with those cost-effective solutions for – let’s say – school construction, traffic congestion, or easier startup regulations for small business. That seems a better use of our county government's time.


This might be too much to ask considering that Councilmen Hagen and Donald seem more passionate about plastic bags that are already covered by litter laws from negatively impacting global climate change than the overregulation of local startup companies negatively impacting the business climate of Frederick County.


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