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June 6, 2019

Finding Answers to Killings?

Harry M. Covert

Tragedies continue. Seemingly uncontrollable shootings and killings grab the heartstrings and news coverages as they should. Where are the answers? Better yet, why can’t they be found?


Since the 12 murders at Virginia Beach, Virginia, last week the evil goes on. An incredible 52 shootings resulting in 10 murders occurred in Chicago last weekend.


The indiscriminate blood baths continue in Baltimore. No reason to list the count, once more. Even the newest police commissioner appears at a loss as to how to curb the violence. This is no reflection on the official’s abilities.


Immediately following the shootings, the national conversation turns to gun control and blame on regular ordinary law-abiding people.


Virginia’s governor says all the appropriate things as another soother-in-chief, then decides to call a special session of the legislature. Debate again and again.


Maryland’s governor is quiet on the subject while the public is severely concerned about falling visitor numbers. He’s powerless apparently in local affairs.


Chicago’s new mayor leaves the situation to the most recently hired police superintendent.


And, all the presidential wishfuls make the killings political matters. Never any solutions.


Now, the BIG question? They can only promote the obvious, take away guns, rewrite the Second Amendment.


Pardon, please, what may appear as frivolous, but there is no talk of outlawing knives of all kinds, bows and arrows or garrotes (chokers) in the widespread unexplained deaths. There are other ways and means to kill.


It is so easy for the public talkers to place all flags at half-staff to honor victims; to offer vigils with burning candles; and other means to salve the hurt of all. This is important for the populace.


In the national dialogue and consciousness, the true answer has either escaped or is easily ignored.


Perpetrators of the horrendous crimes use whatever is immediately available.


How and why can’t hearts and minds of evildoers be changed? Of course. such has been the human condition since the beginning of time. No excuses though.


Today, more than ever, the need is to teach individual good in every community. This begins in homes, schools, religious entities, businesses and everywhere.


How simplistic and naïve to write these words? Not really. Modern society is rapidly growing and changing as problems of all sorts continue.


There’s nothing new under the sun.


Undoubtedly there is more awareness of the bad in today’s lingo, certainly not attractive.


Why do individuals do bad things? Why did the shooter plot and plan to kill his fellow workers in Virginia? The same question can be asked in the Windy City, Charm City, or any other locale.


There’s no question about heinous events continuing with no acceptable answer either. The battle against guns won’t stop murders and casualties. And, that’s unfortunate.


On to the next ill-mannered topic. Try not to cry.


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