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June 4, 2019

Buttons, Dots and The Good

Harry M. Covert

With belated thanks, appreciation and praise is due the co-inventors of the mute button. The far-seeing men followed up some 60 years ago what began in the midst of the fifth century A.D., (Anno Domini for Latin readers).


The point today is how teevee watching has become the “same old – same old” and infuriates thousands, really millions, of viewers, especially those tired of noxious political competitions including the pre- and post- game sports analyzers.


Punch that mute button on the remote.


Two inventors get credit for the technological advance. They were the then Zenith Radio Corporation’s inventors Robert Adler and Eugene Polley. Their legacy lives.


The other side of this harangue is the beginning of the English language. Included were three little dots, the “ellipsis.” Handy to word merchants.


It is great fun to using “the button” and “the dots.” Yes, there are other important associated ways to control the uncontrollable media stuff, mostly useless and constantly repetitive.


No, this is not for censoring media, or toning down freedom of the press. This began for the printed publications and now handles what some describe as out-of-control broadcast units.


While there is great advantage to page-turning of newspapers, magazines and books, audible book listening is good, too.


What brought on this diatribe? It’s easy. There is life after all the distasteful ongoing talk on the national scene.


Say it. There are on-and-off buttons available to go along with the remotes and writing punctuations.


There are certain teevee channels and radio stations that fit perfectly into personal silencing.


Without any apologies, lots of people figure in reporting. Especially irritating here are the dots for such dotty figures as movie knowns Alyssa ...; Robert ...;Alec ...; plus Bill de ..., the mayor; Congresspeople Jerry ..., Adam ..., Maxine ..., Nancy ..., Vermonter Bernie..., the Hugger ..., loser HRC ..., FBI firees ..., CNN’s ..., MSNBC’s ..., London Mayor. ... More readily available.


The list these days is extremely large from this aerie. Free speech in danger? Of course not. Merely pointing out again that left wingers, liberal loons to be exact, have become determined to destroy the peace and dignity of American society, and completely rip away the basic and founding fabric of the USA.


The nation, frankly speaking, is at war, not only in Afghanistan and other world areas, but within itself with misfits. How will it end?


It was Edmund Burke, an Anglo-Irish politician who said: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”


On Thursday, June 6, remember the D-Day Normandy landing 75 years ago. There were 6,603 “good men and true,” Americans who paid the price for freedom.


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