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May 23, 2019

Nadlerís Four Missing Words

Harry M. Covert

Heading into the revered Memorial Day Weekend is the perfect time to consider authentic threats to the traditional basic tenets of the original 13 colonies and now the 50 states.


On the horizon comes erasing the mention of the Almighty in any oaths. Yes, the effort is well underway without shame and before House of Representative committees. Democrats in their majority make no secret of their goal neutralizing – or doing away with – religious America, primarily aimed at Christians and Jews.


Rep. Jerry Nadler (D., NY), outspoken hater of No. 45, was reciting an oath to testifiers and omitted “so help me God.”


After he was caught by a fellow committee member, not a Democrat, he swore in witnesses again but included the previously missing four words.


This conduct is further evidence to the growing atheistic efforts to rid the country of any ecclesiastical significance.


Attacks have been well underway to remove “In God We Trust” from U.S. legal tender. So far such endeavors have failed.


Recently, Democrats allowed an anti-Semitic Imam, Omar Suleiman, to give the opening prayer. Not good.


That should send shivers up and down the spines of Christians and Jews worldwide. The crumbling continues at home.


Faith leaders of all Protestant denominations, Catholics and their flocks and Jewish temples and synagogues should be raising “holy hell.” Dare to say the “fox is in the hen house?” Who would not object to the notorious anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan praying in the Congress?


Minister Farrakhan not only is proud to hate Jews and the State of Israel, he leaves no doubt as to his despising Caucasians.


And, his verbal violence is ignored. Turning the other cheek is one thing. Church leaders, especially local pastors, vicars, priests and rabbis, must lead the charge to restore spiritual lives in the good old U.S. of A. and to vociferously and publicly refute the likes of haters like Iman Suleiman and Minister Farrakhan. They hate everybody not like them.


How about some old time fiery pulpiteers getting back into action? Unfortunately, they may be thwarted by modern day political and media scrums, who obviously have no delight in religious beliefs.


Among the severe attacks and problems creeping into the nation’s lifestyles is widespread naïveté as to the danger terrorists present by quietly moving into American daily life.


This space isn’t crying wolf. Yet. This is a further alert to the dangers, not only from those without, but from those within.


Advice is for “Believers” to stand up for all that’s good.


Let us avoid meeting at the “corner of fire and brimstone.”


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