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May 21, 2019

Please, No Repeat of 1938

Harry M. Covert

How else to start the day than by working the crossword puzzle in the daily newspaper? Instead of a Number Two pencil, the instrument was a faithful Parker fountain pen filled with Quink, black ink.


Who in the world nowadays dabbles with such a stylograph? Not many. In this matter, not intending to show off, the effort was to complete the puzzle in ink. Plus, no cheating by using Google.


About half of the puzzle was completed. Here, it was impossible to resist checking out the latest world news.


So what blared, a Katyusha rocket landed in the Green Zone of Baghdad Sunday night. That zone is supposed to be heavily fortified. The guessing game started immediately. The Iranian government the likely perpetrator.


The “expert” gabblers so familiar started assessing. Well, they begin warning the president. Frankly, Mr. Twitter was not asleep at the wheel. He already knew who were the instigators and trouble makers.


Some of the usual political suspects were blaming the white mustachioed national security advisor for wanting a Middle East war.


Again, history must not be permitted to repeat. In 1938, girls and boys, a fellow named Neville Chamberlin waved his signed peace agreement with the German Chancellor. Sounded nice, peace in our time. How did that turn out? Remember, it didn’t. Now 81 years later, the ability to wheel and deal with our enemies is still impossible.


Iran’s leaders again figure the West is again weak and won’t take immediate action.


The message from “the Twitter man” was quick. A few weeks ago he sent the American navy to that part of the world. Apparently the Iranians didn’t get the full message. What a surprise.


No one wants a war. But, the only way to end the threats facing the nation and the world is to follow with power, one big one. No hint necessary.


Mr. Trump gave the word. In easy terms he said “you (Iran) better straighten up and fly right.” What the president really broadcast, cut out your menacing or your days will be erased. Perfect.


Too many Americans have gone into battle, paid the ultimate price, others suffering incredible injuries. This week, the nation celebrates National Poppy Day, Friday to be exact.


The reason? It is the symbol of sacrifice worn by Americans since World War I to honor those who served and died for the country in all wars. It reminds Americans of the sacrifices made by veterans while protecting our freedoms.


This is no time to accept another bunch of enemies. Millions of veterans and their families still suffer.


War is bad. How simple to figure that out. The job facing 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is to stop the missile firing now. Don’t wait for that day when it’s too late.


Talking is good. Rattlesnakes and their ilk don’t pay attention to conversations, no matter the language. The only messages Iranian big shots understand, along with their haters, are powerful responses immediately.


Come to think of it, the longer Mr. T waits, the worse it gets for the free world.


Red Poppies are good for remembrance and a strong thought for the immediate future. This message should be easily understood, even by the heathens here at home and away.


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