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May 17, 2019

When Gallows Are Too Nice

Harry M. Covert

Time to rehash an old gag that a sitting president should have the right, by law, to hang one of two opponents. How appropriate for these churlish days.


Actually, using the gallows would be too nice for the vitrioligists (sic) so loudly wanting, strictly speaking, to behead the 45th president.


The preference here is to describe the great things ongoing throughout the nation. The good stuff is being sucked out by the unlovable losers. It is time for the victors to get tough, both verbally, that’s talking, and perhaps, physically. Here’s a popular phrase: “stand their ground.”


Wait a minute. This is not a racist statement.


Republicans, conservatives, must stand up to the knot heads who keep trying to overthrow the present administration. Stand the ground.


The business of “sending messages” has gotten old. The only constitution crisis is the one the Democrats keep polluting the air with over all that’s good for the nation.


Attempts by true GOPers to make nice with their opponents is foolish and a waste of time.


Watching all the Demos running for their party’s presidential nomination has become sickening. Not a one of them has a prayer in their mindless efforts. They know it. Their partisans know it. Maybe, the devil did make them do it. All right, the last sentence can be hellacious but true.


The time has come in these political games to grab the problems by the throat. Mr. T and the team have endured enough. Putting up with such hate has reached the pinnacle.


Recall the assault on the woman praying at the Philadelphia abortion facility by a Democrat politician? This jerk should have been knocked on his butt. No, punched in his nose.


Some vigilantes may now be the order of the day to protect conservatives when they attempt to express their views.


How about the abuse from the so-called Indian activist toward a white high school student in Washington? (Use of Indian is preferred here instead of indigenous person or other).


There should be protection of those speakers on college campuses who were interrupted and denied because they were conservatives. To be clear — armed body guards.


Good manners are important. When those who don’t use them invade or hurt those who do, a strong defense must be used. Brass knuckles would be appropriate.


Imagine what the goodie-goodies would have said if the high schooler had slapped the “injun” instead of just smiling and letting the drum-banger get away with his ill conduct.


Back to the opening premise. The alleged progressives aren’t progressives at all. They are destructors and should called be out as such.


The old Caucasian man in the Oval Office must have his sights on a bunch of naysayers. Their names are more than obvious — girls, boys and what have you-s. They are crazy as bed bugs.


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