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May 15, 2019

Privacy Becoming A Thing of The Past

Cindy A. Rose

On April 9, twenty or so brave young ladies at Abraham Lincoln High School in Iowa walked out of class to protest the loss of their rights to privacy. They lost those rights similarly to how our children here in Frederick County lost their rights: boys were now being allowed to use their bathrooms and gain access to “female” spaces.


The schools there and here argue no such privacy rights exist. If that’s true, why did we have sex segregated areas to begin with? Humans cannot change their sex so why are we allowing boys who wish to be girls into girls’ spaces?


Feeling and dressing like a girl does not make you a girl. Harsh facts maybe hurtful facts to some, but we don’t avoid them just because they may sting. Why does the “trans” individual get to erase the rights of the “non-trans” individual?


The definition of “female” and “woman” are being systemically erased. With the erasure of the definition comes the erasure of the being.  That’s the real war on women. That’s what misogyny actually looks like.


It’s not just bathrooms, locker rooms and sports teams. Trans-females are demanding entrance to “female only” rape crises centers and domestic abuse facilities. I reached out to the Maryland Federation of Republican Women (MFRW) and the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) and asked would they defend “female?”


Roughly 70 individuals who serve as leaders of such clubs were contacted. How many emails ended up in spam files, I have no way of knowing. The one I know didn’t, the NFRW president, didn’t care enough to reply.


I had always assumed we exist as a federation because we are “women.”  Turns out, not so much.


It has been more than a month and Jody Rushton, the president of the NFRW, has yet to respond. I know she is aware because Diana Waterman, president of the MFRW has spoken with her on the phone about my concerns.


The response from the MFRW is typical of the Republican Party as they have come to be known – apathetic. The only passion they have is to not make waves, keeping their heads down to survive another year. Always on defense, never on offense.


Offense requires courage, strategy and action. Why strategize about protecting what it means to be “female” when you need to spend your time on planning lunch with the governor’s wife? I was told that “our mission as Republican women is far more encompassing then this fight alone.” What’s more important than defending the right to exist? Anyone?


I’m have to admit, I’m embarrassed to be associated with this party.


Twenty young ladies in Iowa have more spine than the entirety of the Republican Party. The only thing I have left to cling to for hope is Ronna McDaniel, chairman of the Republican National Committee. I have sent her correspondence requesting of her, as a “woman” and a member of the Republican Party, to make this issue part of the Republican platform for 2020.


The year 2020 is the 100th Anniversary of “women’s” getting right to vote. People threw feces at, beat, disowned and jailed women for daring to want to vote.


Today’s women are cowering in the shadows because they fear the same outrage mob the suffragists took head on. While we hide, “female” is being erased from history. The cloud of witnesses hang their heads and weep.


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