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May 3, 2019

Presidential Candidate Biden: So Flawed

Ken Kellar

I recently viewed former Vice President Joseph Biden’s presidential campaign kickoff video. It was three and a half minutes of lies, lunacy and ignorance. Classic Democratic stuff!


He opens with wistful whispers about Charlottesville’s most famous son, Thomas Jefferson. He speaks of the Declaration of Independence and says that “we know it by heart.” He then proceeds to misquote it by referring to our “inalienable rights”. Unalienable is the right word in the document.


I’d never give a live speaker grief over swapping IN for UN. But this was a pre-recorded presidential-campaign kickoff video claiming we all know what our third president wrote. What kind of buffoons is this buffoon working with?


While he was misquoting the Declaration, the text of his words (properly spelled) scrolled behind him in calligraphy style text. He paraphrased the text leaving out several words, yet the text behind him scrolled on as if there were no breaks. A partial quote or text omission should use three periods to let the reader know something was left out, especially if children are watching. This may be a picky point; but, if you claim to know the darn thing by heart, prove it by saying the right words!


He then states the Declaration is almost a cliché which means a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought. Amazing. Our Declaration of Independence, and those who revere it, lack original thought according to Lunch-Bucket Joe! He and his leftist buddies are tired of hearing that old cliché – the Declaration of Independence.


He couldn’t mention Thomas Jefferson without bowing to the extreme left and declaring that Mr. Jefferson did not live up to his own words. Pander to the extremes? Check.


Next fade in the Nazi flags. Yes, a presidential kickoff video with a crisp Nazi flag.


He describes the Nazis with “crazed faces, veins bulging” at Charlottesville. Yes, he says their veins were bulging. Are you as uncomfortable with that as am I? By the way, we are not done with the first minute yet.


Former Delaware Sen. Biden then says the Nazis were met by a courageous group of Americans, who proceeded to attack the “Nazis” who had obtained an assembly permit and peaceably assembled. The “good” police when confronted by Joe’s armed thugs immediately rescinded the “Nazi’s” assembly permit and threatened them with arrest if they did not leave immediately, yielding the ground to Joe’s thugs.


One of the “Nazis” having had his right to peaceable assembly denied by (1.) armed thugs; and (2.) the local police force, responded by driving his car into a crowd killing one. A case of very aggravated murder.


Mr. Biden then reaches the lowest point of his bizarre video by repeating the absolute lie that President Donald Trump was referring to the Nazis and white supremacists when he said in a press conference that there were good people on both sides. Look up the transcript from the presser. Mr. Biden is repeating an absolute lie in his kickoff video.


He then fills out the rest of his time with some black and white videos of historic stuff and babbling in Obama fashion about “not who we are” and “who we are.” You know, the classic say nothing and let every idealistic idiot fill in the blanks.


His inept and bizarre video is not what troubles me. I expected no less from this buffoon. The fact that he is the top-polling candidate in our country is what scares the heck out of me!


This candidate states that Charlottesville is home to Thomas Jefferson. That’s a bit of a stretch which was needed to link Jefferson to Trump. Jefferson was born in Shadwell, was educated at William & Mary and by age 21 was in charge of Monticello. While Shadwell and Monticello are quite near Charlottesville, they are not in Charlottesville. It was probably the dominant town in the area and ended up being the location for his university, but how many nights did Jefferson sleep in Charlottesville. I’m guessing not many?


The former vice president had infinite material to work with for his kickoff video. He chose a lie and force fit it into Thomas Jefferson’s life.


Not very classy.


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