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As Long as We Remember...

May 2, 2019

Has Uncle Joe Seen the Light?

Harry M. Covert

Yes, the proof is in the pudding. The ongoing feeding frenzy out of the nation’s capital is rather simple. The old boys, along with the girls, just hate the president because he accurately proved they are the swamp.


The losers, as I always describe them, have been proved as do-nothings, swampers and swampettes. Angry only because they were rejected.


Now before excoriating the minority members in the Senate or making fun of the current majority in the House, I had a dream.


Don’t get overly excited. I have great respect for the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and his immortal oration.


Keep reading, please.


Did you hear that Uncle Joe wants to “make America moral again?” That was in answer to a query why he wants to be president. Yes, I got to laughing so hard I almost choked on my black coffee.


Repeat, the only thing smiley Joe Biden could say “I want to make America moral again.” Poor old white man Joe. He’s so eager for a “progressive” socialist campaign, his first hire was a strategist and known racist Symone Sanders, African-American. She notably said “Democrats didn’t need white people leading the party.” I wonder who or whom she meant.


She previously toiled for another old socialist white guy, Bernie Sanders. He’s still at it. His money was green.


The ex-vice president, old Joe, was first elected to the U.S. senate in 1972. He got the No. 2 job in 2009 because the front runner, Barack Obama, didn’t want a serious threat.


After all these years, Uncle Joe has seen the light.


Now to my dream?


Let’s return to the yesteryear of 1979 during the days of Jimmy Carter. He was running afoul of Christian supporters. And, a Lynchburg, Virginia, pastor created the Moral Majority and scared the living daylights out of politicians nationwide. Suddenly lots of the “ins” declared themselves full-fledged believers in the Almighty.


Rev. Dr. Jerry Falwell crisscrossed the nation, activating millions of Christians into politics. He didn’t use the phrase “drain the swamp.” In today’s words that was exactly the meaning. Campaign headquarters and polling centers were aflame. Jerry’s “I Love America” programs with his college students got the powerful movement on course.


All Dr. Falwell wanted was for moral Americans of all faiths to stand together. They did, too. Note: Liberty University (LU) is a tribute to Jerry’s steadfastness for the best in academics, sports and music.


My dream after Uncle Joe’s pronouncement was from Jerry Falwell Senior now “preaching in the Heavens.” (I’m spelling out Senior in deference to Junior who is excelling as chancellor of LU which is booming and standing firmly for the best of the country.


As I awakened, Jerry’s face was grinning. He was saying, “I knew it would come.”


Mr. Biden needs to figure out what’s moral in his world. It’s not racism. It’s not socialism. It’s not heathenism. The crowd he’s running with today aren’t progressive in the least. They are dividers, not doers.


Dr. King would not be using ugly quotes from Biden’s strategist. If this is the kind of campaign Joe wants for the 2020 campaign, he'd better learn voters around the country. He is on the “Road to Perdition.”


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