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As Long as We Remember...

April 26, 2019

Bernie Sanders’ Latest Delusions

Harry M. Covert

There is no reason to regurgitate the continuing nonsense from the old socialist actually in his last hurrah. Why not? No intention to wish him physical harm, but he appears to be going off the rails. I know, he flies around spouting tripe.


Actually, there is a perfectly good reason to retch, spit up Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ latest stuff. He got lots of attention about voting, promoting balloting by felons of all levels, especially those still imprisoned.


Does Bernie have any sense at all? His quote/unquote independent standing as a U.S. senator should be appalling to the failing left-wingers hanging around what is purported as the Democratic Party.


Why would the democrats even sign on for a politician who denies his loyalty to them? This shows the disarray of the current “revolutionists” who have seriously and dangerously lost their way in the real world.


As Senator Sanders and others now promote voting for all, even the killer from the Boston marathon and those sitting assassinators in super max prisons, is further indications the good old USA is in a constitutional crisis brought on by ignoramuses.


I wonder if the Texas white supremacist considered an absentee ballot as he was strapped to the Huntsville, Texas, execution gurney, Wednesday night.


How many other felons in federal super max “corrections facilities” and state penitentiaries are demanding voting privileges?


Here’s a good question to ask now. Has good old Bernie ever visited jails, execution chambers, or any other such places? The silliness of Sanders’ words allows me to call them calabooses, pokeys, slammers, clinks or coolers. Don’t fall for any talk of country club jails.


Would the Vermont old white guy want Zacarias Moussaoui allowed to register as a voter? The 9/11 killer is no nice guy. He didn’t cross the southern border with the hordes of invaders we hear about constantly.


Okay, think this is too harsh? Pay attention. I recall the story when a jail supervisor attempted to be nice to Moussaoui in the Alexandria, Virginia, jail as he awaited a shackled non-skiing trip to Colorado.


“If I could release you, what would you do?” The captain asked. Without an instant of hesitation, Moussaoui said, “I’d kill you.”


It’s more than time for Senator Sanders and his ilk, cronies, to grow up, get serious. Those who've served their sentences, changed their lives have ways to have rights restored.


To vote is precious and for the common good. I’m glad citizens can vote without paying money to do so.


The day was when a “poll tax” was the law. How many remember or imagine that happened? I had to fork over $1.50. Lots of people were prevented from choosing leaders. Guess who? This is not a Jeopardy! Question. The answer: poor whites and all blacks, Americans.


This travesty ended January 23, 1964, when the United States ratified the 24th Amendment to the Constitution.


I didn’t receive a refund for my payments. Reparations? That’ll never happen. We can vote. Please no voting booths in jail, nor allowing jail buses at polling stations.


I refuse to laugh at Bernie Sanders’ latest lines. They are not clever. They are dangerous, delusional.


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