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As Long as We Remember...

April 18, 2019

Reaching the ‘Barr’ of Justice

Harry M. Covert

Looking for some grins and giggles on this day as the swampers and swampettes breathlessly await the “Mueller Musings,” I picked up a fountain pen to scribble. I knew the ambrosia, the food of the gods, might not appear. I can hope.


“Oh ye of little faith,” the words appeared. To be honest, and why would this space be otherwise, I turned to the happy days of Tony Soprano for solace on how he deals with rats.


Seriously, folks, in unleashed anticipation of today’s redactions, predictable distortions, spins and general dismay throughout the nasty airwaves, remember it is Holy Week.


Why get all academic here? Remember the wizards called journos are above the law. I struggled to find some wit. I did chuckle at several disparate things. Actually, I laughed out loud that the Leader of the Free World pulled a good one, again.


The nutcases creating sanctuary cities and states were caught off guard. The Leader is giving them what they wanted: illegal invaders in their fiefdoms. And, they now squirm, making up stupid excuses how not to accept the intruders for life, liberty and mischief. Lowlifes. No “s” words here.


Even a Tennessee Democrat House person (sic) Steve Cohen, said it was D. Trump’s fault that Paris’ Notre Dame burned. I love it. The shock is the guy is from the State of Jackson. Andrew that is. I bet he can’t pluck a guitar or banjo or even toot a ram’s horn.


Then my phone rang, smack in the middle of the French blaze. “I believe it was Quasimodo who did it,” (started the blaze) the Marylander quipped. A little levity in a time of disaster in God’s House. That’s not new. Remember the century old funny, “other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?” The excuse for the raw gag is that Abe was a Republican.


For the good of the order, Quasimodo was the “Hunchback of Notre Dame.” Fiction of course, make believe.


Notice, with all of the disasters and political fighting, the solace is assuaged with high faultin’ (sic) fund-raising. That’s holy (lower case “h”) in these days of rancor.


Here is another smirk. The guy called Beto apparently appeared at the University of Virginia in C-vile (Charlottesville). What would Mr. Jefferson say? That’s easy. “No!” Why bring up TJ? He was cavalier and founded the place before the school was national basketball champions. Sally Hemings would be happy.


Further, sisters and brothers at the Barr (meaning the Bar of Justice for non-lawyers) are terribly anxious for today’s blockbuster report of the “inquisition.” You know what I mean.


The pretend stuff still engulfs the taxpayers. The angle is keep yapping about so-called ills keeps the electeds from accomplishing anything worthwhile. That’s true.


One more thing. Why are the radical/leftists/Democrats still agog with an independent millionaire socialist junior senator, a 77-year-old white man? He’s gumming everybody to death, boring, too. Then there’s another white guy, 76-year-old smiling Joe Biden. Say no more.


There is a laugh from Texas. A school girl kneed a transgender (boy) in her biological bathroom. She was suspended. She’s a role model for all students.


In addition to all the disruptions, Christians celebrate Maundy Thursday today, the day of the Last Supper. Tomorrow is Good Friday; Passover begins at sundown.


Time for reflection is at hand. My ink pen rests.


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