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As Long as We Remember...

April 16, 2019

Nidgits, Twaddle, ‘Some People’

Harry M. Covert

I have been yucking it up watching the Nancy Pelosi acolytes giving a public pass to the Somalian insulting the nation again, this time about the 9/11 terrorist event. I recall the attacks where 3,000 real Americans were murdered, killed, and more injured.


In case readers forgot, Congressman Ihan Omar, Democrat of Minnesota, described the attacks on the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and a United Airline plane in Somerset, Pennsylvania, as “some people did something.”


Isn’t she sweet? The absolute tragedy is this woman, born in still war-torn Mogadishu, Somalia, has not been severely chastised by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, nor her fellow members of “our House.” Why the wait? I’ll repeat: she, Ms. Omar, should be expelled, impeached or removed from office. She is getting away with wanting to destroy our country.


Most sensible Marylanders would like to deny Ms. Pelosi her Baltimore birthplace. That’s a stretcher and for a laugh. In her youth she was considered a physical beauty, on the outside. That she was. Today, inside her California heart, it’s a different story, shamefully.


This bureau recognizes we are stepping into dangerous territory. That’s the intention.


Back to Ms. Omar, please: How can such a quote be excused by the third ranking member in the presidential succession? Sure is scary that the House decorum has sunk so far. Again, “some people did something?” They sure did. They weren’t Protestants – or Catholics – or Jews.


How can the current majority in the House put up with the untoward, un-American antics of members like Ms. Omar, her hate-filled colleagues like Rashida Tlaib, and Alexandria Ocasio-Ortiz? I dislike the thought “every dog/devil has its day.” Sure seems like it, though.


The current state of political affairs is exhausting, out of control with no end in sight. This is a more dangerous overthrow attempt than the 1933 U.S. business plot to remove Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Don’t recall this?


Read about the Liberty League and bankers efforts to involve retired Marine Corps commandant, Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler, to lead a fascist movement. The two-time Medal of Honor recipient refused and reported the efforts to Congress. No arrests. They wanted General Butler to take over as military dictator and let FDR be a figure head, similar to Italy’s Mussolini.


Let’s think a little. “Some people are doing something” today and there’s no way to sugar-coat current events.


Yucking it up is not a nice way to express the political activities in the nation. No humor. Ms. Omar and her ilk should be reminded of life in Somalia. As she and her family escaped when she was seven, the place remains a pillar of devastation. She wouldn’t last five seconds there. It’s no place for a vacation tour or a boat trip.


To those who might infer I’m picking on Ms. Omar, et al. No. Just facing the facts. This country doesn’t need input from such escapees to freedom enjoying our prosperity. There is no such success or joy in Somalia and similar spots. Somalia is a living hell.


What Ms. Omar has brought us is dangerous to peace lovers worldwide. The twaddle emanating so strongly today is more than concerning. So many young people – and others who’ve never been around the world – are being fooled daily.


It appears the nidgits are gaining ground. I’m not being nasty here. Watching all the politicos scamming constantly for campaign dollars, almost as questionable as Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, forces us to easily identify them “as mixtures of nincompoops and idiots” – nidgits.


For Heaven’s sake, the “end is not near” weather worriers.


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