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April 4, 2019

Hugs and Kisses Out of Style

Harry M. Covert

The age of personal destruction is alive and well. In no way are things cooling down. What once were giggles all over everywhere, gloatings are the joy of every day.


This may not be new news, but it sure is keeping the populace awake waiting for the next bombshell, failing, thunderclap or revelation.


In days past, such anticipation was tabbed “selling newspapers.” Presently, it all sails through the air in every way. Fun, wonky, gotchas.


Friends, this age of time won’t end as long as we earthly inmates remain. We can act like it’s dismaying for all the misconduct, but, we can hide behind that delightful word schadenfreude. I’ve used it before, sounds good, borrowed from the German, meaning joy at the misfortune of others.


All of this reached the plight, yes, the so-called indignity dumped on Joe Biden, the former vice president I’ve enjoyed calling Uncle Joe. He’s got a nice smile.


I’m not going soft on the latest dodge, and it’s unlikely I’d vote for him. However, in these days of notorious politics, the issue of Mr. Biden’s record in the Senate, or in the previous administration, are more important than hugs and kisses.


What? His own party’s hopefuls don’t like his popularity for the 2020 presidential possibilities. They’re playing dirty politics, assuredly, scrounging up women and old news recordings showing him caressing some wives and political females. They sure were happy he lent his political standings for their benefit. He can tune down the brouhaha.


It’s no secret at this time he enjoyed late night skinny dipping in the VP’s pool at Number One Observatory Circle. His female secret service details were uncomfortable. No evidence ever arose he bothered them after breast stroking, or diving in the waters. This is factual.


Complaints against him are meant only to disable his nomination chances. If there are any true Democrats out there. Joe Biden probably has the best opportunity to face off with the incumbent. He has shown signs of weaseling a bit to accommodate the rabid leftists.


Yes, Old Joe is 76, Mr. T is 72. Don’t say old white guys. It would be fun to see them duel, first behind a gym, like in their high school days, and then verbal fencing, prevaricating together. They wouldn’t do that. Would they?


The issue for the next USA smackdown is who’s best with good leadership and ideas. It is fun watching the goofy lineup of who is first for the leftists, you fill in the blanks. When will the first this and the first that end? Oh, then they would be blended into what has been normal. I’d better slow down on that subject.


Lots more nasty news will be soaring in the public domain. There’s no sense believing that politics of personal destruction is going to end. It’s always been there, just louder with more technology, and, remember, more unexpected land mines, gimmicks and catch-22s are coming.


More topics and news. I can barely wait. A Biden-Trump bare knuckle jousting would likely end in a hugging match.


The best fight would see President Trump punch his pals Chuck Schumer, Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff. There are more, but I don’t want to hurt their feelings, if they have any.


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