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March 28, 2019

Mr. T Faces the JVís, Weaklings

Harry M. Covert

On the premise earth is doomed in a decade plus two years as predicted by the political leftists, we of skin and bones have 4,385 days to live it up.


There’s no need to panic, unless it comes true that the con artists, posing as Democrat political swindlers, are making headway and can persuade more young and innocents, older types and Henny Pennys that the Chicken Little nursery rhyme is true – “the end is near.”


For the past two years, give or take a few weeks more, Democrats have constantly accused the Leader of the Free World of treason, being a flimflam artist, and all kinds of criminal activities.


Using the climate change fantasy, the leftists have dragged out the best bull-shooters without conscience or facts to try to destroy President Donald J. Trump.


Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, and others roaming around, humans will not be the destroyer of the universe every inhabitant trods.


Homo sapiens have been around millions of earthly years no matter how they’re recorded. Beings have been able to repopulate, create, and discover all kinds of things.


Never has a woman or man been able to figure ways to control weather. In other words, stop rains, snows, typhoons, hurricanes, high, low or neap tides. We do use umbrellas, waterproof shoes and boots. Silly thought? Probably.


Dreams have always been part of living. That’s good for young and old and will continue. But there’s no way a human can start or stop ice caps.


Through modern medical discoveries, lots of people are reaching 90-plus years. I would like to reach 12,055 days and more. That would be a century with hopefully more incremental lustrums.


There is no reason to think the world as we know it will be kaput in the short period the political novices are claiming – and wanting to create mass hysteria. No one has any idea if and when the world will end. UFO’s, Unidentified Flying Objects, space aliens in flying saucers won’t be invading in the next 12 years or ever. No reason to consult a soothsayer – or a leftwing toot.


The past two years of the Trump Administration have been daily efforts of extreme lies to wipe him out. Won’t happen. The stretchers have overwhelmingly been generated by unconscionable and distraught leftist liberal Democrats on the national scene — including the media morass and politicians.


A new day is on the horizon. The president has been cleared of fooling around with the Russkies. If you prefer, call them Russians. He in no way has been treasonous to his oath. Like the rest of the populace, he’s not perfect. Who is? Look around. He has merely taken advantage of every 60 seconds, 60 minutes and 24 hours that every person is entitled — like the rest of us.


Considering a year hence, his so-called opposition is junior varsity. Forgive me, weaklings, lower half.


A humorist some years ago wrote presidents should be allowed to legally hang one opponent after the November election.


In Mr. Trump’s case, there would be many candidates. Now, that would be good television.


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