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As Long as We Remember...

March 26, 2019

Misogyny and Misandry Colliding?

Harry M. Covert

All right. So now, we’ve heard all the nonsense about so-called misogynists running wild to and fro out of control everywhere, especially in the public arena.


Never, ever, in my born days, has such tripe been so widely perpetrated. Who really honestly and truly can fall for such stuff?


Actually, the business of those of the male species, I mean those in the neighborhood of ninety-nine and 44-one hundredths percent of those in the manly designation love, admire and adore girls in all age groups. Please, that’s no shock.


Since the Garden of Eden, men have succumbed to all the gentle and tender charms and ambiance of girls of all descriptions.


The problem insinuated by the so-called “me-too” migration is feigned and ersatz in most situations. Certainly there are exceptions, but truthfully, it is not abnormal that men and boys like girls and women young and old. And, vice versa.


To clear up the stumbling blocks? The raging sexual discordance of this day and age is a matter that misandry is running rampant among a few who have been mistreated by some low lifes pretending to be men.


To save time. Let me define misandry: “the hatred of, contempt for, or prejudice against men or boys.” It’s being promoted without censure in politics, media, motion picture and cable venues.


It is natural instinct for boys and girls to be attracted. There are exceptions and peculiarities. No matter bloviations, wild-eyed excuses and off the wall misandrists have become irritating, non sequiturs, aberrations.


All of the male hating “feemalees,” and similar miscreants and reprobates, are in the vast minority. The majority of men and women just put up with such stuff – lifestyle – out of pity, maybe tolerance and good manners.


Admittedly, the constant misandry, hatred of men, is mostly bluster, hopefully to gain political power and social status.


Conventional mores, habits and customs are well under assault. The founding of the world as taught in Holy Scriptures, describes the Garden of Eden. It writes about boys and girls, Adam and Eve, not “Adam and Steve.” Get the point?


There was no misandrous conduct. Eve did lure Adam to sin, disobedience, through the snake, eating the forbidden fruit and learning about shame and evil. No Shangri-La today.


Proceed, please. We can talk about our society today. Leaders who are supposed to know, are busy teaching that everything is okay, that there are no rules for good and bad.


Misogyny and misandry are used rather callously and insensitively only for personal advantage, not for the good of all.


The affinity of boys to girls is not strange. Likewise, the propensity of girls to boys is powerful and proper.


As the calendar races to another election season, preaching disharmony among the sexes is way out of line. Men love women; women love men. Not a broken record.


Misandry gets lots of silly attention in the present. I don’t care what all the abbreviations disguise. What counts will be men and women, Caballero y Caballera. The X’s don’t count, the M’s and F’s do.


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