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As Long as We Remember...

March 21, 2019

Declaring the Nobodies

Harry M. Covert

Wayward wannabes are clamoring to penalize people in small states of this Union by declaring them second and third rate citizens. In other words, they will officially be classed as nobodies without voices in presidential elections.


This is serious business befalling the national electorate. The left-wingers crisscrossing the land want only those in the six states with the most electoral votes to pick who will be the leader of the free world.


Their constant gabble about caring for the people is pure and simple balderdash. The Dirty Dozen which, in all likelihood, will become a Baker’s Dozen in the near future are pushing to eliminate the Electoral College.


The interpretation or definition of this National Popular Vote movement is the effort making certain only “big D” democrats have the right to be President of our United States.


The sweepstakes for 2020 have been underway since 2016 when the current commander-in-chief soared into the White House on Silver, his White Horse, figuratively speaking.


The Washington elites, let’s admit, were astounded at the upstart who brazenly “grabbed them by the nose and kicked them in the *** (arse)” to steal a phrase from a general of note.


All the weeping and wailing has been rather painful for the Big D’s. They still haven’t recovered from G. W. Bush’s “Goring” his opponent, pun intended.


If the stuff continues, the largest states with the most electoral votes could reign supreme. Mighty unfair. Those big states are California 55; Texas 38; New York 29; Florida 29; Pennsylvania 20; and Illinois 20. Others in order are Ohio 16; Michigan and Georgia, each 14; North Carolina and Virginia 13; and New Jersey 12.


Think it’s fair for the rest of the nation to tag along and allow this abomination of destroying the Electoral College?


Already 12 states and the District of Columbia, Democrat strongholds, have enacted the National Popular Vote wheeze, which requires these 12 states to assign their electoral votes to the candidate who get the most popular votes, no matter how the citizens of their states voted. In their grasp they have 172 legal electors. Of the total 538 electoral votes needed to carry the atomic codes, backers need only 98 more to quash any unexpected conservatives or Republicans. Time to wise up folks.


Americans kicked out of the sacred process with only three electors would be those in Alaska, Delaware, Montana, North and South Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming.


Under the Constitution, the states and commonwealths, can decide the distribution of the presidential votes.


Before the electorate succumbs to the political wizardry of smiley faces performing on the carnival trail, heavy-duty thought must be given to dismissing The College, which has worked for the general good for more than 230 years.


There have been faithless electors, but they didn’t determine the presidential winners.


The bottom line here is simple. All states must have proper participation in who becomes President of The United States. Definitely. Are those in the least populated places not good enough or acceptable?


The rules and regulations involved in picking and choosing must be honored. Better candidates for public positions are available throughout the land.


Further topics. There is no reason for children, 16-year-olds to be exact, to be voting. Keep them enjoying childhood, that’s what they are. Remember that these “children” can remain on their parents’ health insurance coverage until they are 26.


Another foolish suggestion attempting to gain ground is stacking the Supreme Court. Nine is enough. They are not a committee.


Fooling around with the Constitution is inappropriate. Eliminating the Electoral College will demean every person in every jurisdiction and make the “smallest the leastest.”


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