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As Long as We Remember...

March 20, 2019

Fast Approaching 100 Years of the Right to Vote!

Cindy A. Rose

I don’t want to start out by being negative, but let’s face it, things are looking grim for Republicans in Frederick County.  I’m not here to blow smoke, I’m here to present some cold, hard facts then quickly move on.


You’re aware that Democrats are currently pushing legislation supporting infanticide, assisted suicide, gun confiscation, criminalizing gun ownership, voting rights for illegal immigrants, and a cornucopia of giveaways we cannot afford. There are so many unconstitutional mandates that infringe on individual rights and freedom, I couldn’t possibly list them all before you start gouging out your eyes.


Did you know, not only did Democrats oppose freeing blacks and supporting civil rights, they also opposed giving women the right to vote?


The Susan B. Anthony Amendment to amend the U.S. Constitution giving women the right to vote, was defeated four times by the Democrat controlled U. S. Senate.


In 1919 Republicans took control of Congress and the "Equal Suffrage Amendment" passed.


From the National Federation of Republican Women web site:


"When the Amendment was submitted to the states, 26 of the 36 states that ratified it had Republican legislatures. Of the nine states that voted against ratification, eight were Democratic. Twelve states, all Republican, had given women full suffrage before the federal amendment was ratified.


“On August 18, 1920, Tennessee became the 36th and final state needed to ratify the amendment. The U.S. Secretary of State certified the amendment on Aug. 26, 1920."


Maryland didn’t ratify the 19th Amendment until 1941.


The Republican Women of Frederick County are inviting Republican women to join them as they approach the 100th Anniversary of winning the right to vote.


This organization is the oldest known active, women’s political club in the nation.  It began in September 1920 and will celebrate its 100th year in September 2020.


In this, their 99th year, they have reaffirmed their commitment to speak publicly wherever they will be heard about Republican values of family, freedom, individual sovereignty as protected by the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.


It is their strongly held belief that governments – federal, state and local – should be limited so that individual freedom is unfettered and unlimited.


We live in politically polarized times that have sent many Republicans into hiding for fear of retribution. It’s time for the Republican women of Frederick to come out of the shadows and reclaim their rightful place in our communities.


Courage is a muscle that needs to be exercised. Republican courage has atrophied. It needs to come out into the bright light of day.


If we are to have any chance of pushing back on the resurgence of socialism and the violence of tyranny, conservatives, Republicans and Republican women need to come out of self-imposed exile.


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