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As Long as We Remember...

March 19, 2019

Pandering, Pimping and Blather

Harry M. Covert

There is no reason to keep beating around the bush. Political leftists in all forms are knocking themselves out to blatantly and dishonestly destroy the USA.


The liberal playbook is working overtime. First they started demeaning those in the broad spectrum of Christian faith. No prayers in public schools, or scholastic sporting events, and anti-crosses honoring World War I veterans and more in the guise of separation of church and state.


It is no longer acceptable for Christians to express their lifestyles without complete disrespect and, in many cases, fear.


In addition, there is a growing fear that Islamists in the nation are given precedence. Imagine the brouhaha if Muslims were denied their freedom to exercise the praying or wearing their hijabs.


All right, this is dangerous territory to be discussing here.


Recent terrorism attacks in New Zealand and The Netherlands must not be excused. The vast majority of Americans of all ethnicities and the planet condemn the murders and shootings in houses of worship.


Further, the increased racism and hate toward white people is out of control. I’ll use Caucasian to avoid any confusion but it is getting louder and louder from the leftist/main stream media hacks.


In all probability the hate business has reached the highest decibels like no time in our nation’s history.


It is disturbing to watch those who want to be president keep dividing the people. They note carelessly their hope not to include a white candidate. They are pandering and frankly, pimping their hopes to be first among equals. Blather, for certain.


These words will no doubt result in this bureau being accused of Islamophobia, racism, white privilege and dominance and an old man living in the past. Not true.


Speaking out against the flamethrowers in the Congress is perfectly proper and not right wing. I’m referencing the newly elected leftists and anti-Semites enjoying free and widespread attention without penalty. Now, their performances are an anomaly. In reality responsible House of Representatives leadership and members should have put the kibosh on them early on.


The Muslim members are receiving special care for their scary statements. It is obvious the Speaker and her acolytes are scared to death, no courage and willing to sell out their longtime colleagues.


The liberals are doing everything they can to blame the ills of the world on the duly elected president and his administration.


That Chelsea Clinton, the former First Daughter, was accosted and blamed for the world’s terrorism is outrageous. The nitwits are out of control, getting away with abusive conduct, verbally and physically.


I will write again whether the raging libs and leftists and anyone else like it or not, the USA was founded on Judeo-Christian values. No matter how the modernists try to rewrite history, those moral standards founded this country.


There is no reason not to boldly stand up for good. And, because we are in this space, in no way is this racist, or anti-this or anti-that in any form.


The ongoing misconduct is out of control. The collection of liberals trying to get to the White House is mighty weak, out of touch and difficult to take seriously.


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