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As Long as We Remember...

March 12, 2019

Scoop: A Trump-Putin Freeway

Harry M. Covert

The plan here for today’s shrewd and intelligent readers was to offer some scoops and have an interlude from the maleficent spite still raging, especially among political misfits.


I am well aware that the road to Heaven is paved with good intentions. En route several interesting news items have been uncovered.


Before reaching the crux of this memo, I must note the latest leaks waiting for public consumption.


First, the big bombshell is a planned construction of a four-lane tunnel from New York City to London, England, under the Atlantic Ocean. Yes, secret blueprints identify that the Trump Organization, in cahoots with some known Muscovites, are evading any emoluments charges and hiring legal contractors to use prefabricated sections.


The project will be developed by Paul Manafort, the internationalist financial guru awaiting presidential pardons from his time now wasted in a Virginia black ops facility.


The Atlantic Tunnel is expected to be named The Trump Putin Freeway, toll free. The source is anonymous.


Scoop number two, the U.S. House of Representatives will be abolished by Executive Order found in the National Archives signed by Franklin D. Roosevelt and Richard M. Nixon. What a find?


Let’s move on. Mr. and Mrs. Trump visited Alabama last week in an effort to show care and give comfort to victims of the destructive tornado that killed 23 people. It caused millions of dollars of damage leaving thousands homeless.


Alabamians were encouraged by the POTUS and FLOTUS visit with pledges to help.


Many of the victims asked The Man to sign — autograph —their Bibles. He took the time to sign the favored Scofields, that’s the highly accepted Gospel Record. The Bible Belt faith-ers were encouraged by the presidential attention.


It didn’t take long for the maleficents to hop on their evil spewings and criticisms of The President. Some religious leaders, mostly northeastern modernists, expressed offense at the Biblical autographs. Dumbkopfs, that’s German for dummies.


Of course there were others out there who couldn’t resist verbally stabbing Mr. Trump’s Bible signings.  They were mostly heathenists in all forms. They don’t like Gospel Believers in any form and think they are just ignorant.


The Scofield Bible, and all other versions, are clear in describing atheists and similar persons as “fools.” Look it up!


Actually, no matter what Number 45 does, his maleficent detractors always are at the ready. For the record, he could well be leading a religious renaissance in the USA. He has become a spokesman for a spiritual revival. Maybe it’s time national pulpits will follow his lead. No, not maybe, it is time. Consider a “road to Damascus” moment for Mr. Trump? Why not?


The outlandish stuff going on in the nation requires that citizens of faith get back to business — don’t stand by and watch the evil invasions slithering into all avenues. Frankly, they are lower than a snake’s belly. I’ve heard that description from a famous pulpiteer. Perfect, for sure.


Here’s a question to consider in today’s commiserations. Is the beloved American Constitution, guarantor of freedoms of all, opening doors for the destruction of all that’s good and holy?


Now, let’s wait for the whispers of that tunnel.


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