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As Long as We Remember...

March 11, 2019

A Guiding Force for Republican Women

Guest Columnist

Amanda Miller


The Republican Women of Frederick County (RWFC) are poised to celebrate their 100th Anniversary next year in 2020, founded 22 days after the ratification the 19th amendment in August of 1920.


For anyone keeping track, this also means that the Republican Women of Frederick County have been in existence longer than even the Maryland Federation of Republican Women, which was founded in 1921. The Republican Women of Frederick County have the distinction of being the oldest Republican Women’s group in Maryland, and – if legends are correct – in the United States.


The history surrounding the club is long to say the least. The club has counted among its ranks; outspoken advocates, subject matter professionals, homemakers, business entrepreneurs, lawyers, and a few elected and appointed Republican Party officials. In short, the club has had a rich and profound impact on the betterment of Frederick County and its quality of life.


The women who comprised the club have been, and continue to be, some of the hardest working women in Frederick County. Volunteers from the club can be found at the Republican tents at the local carnivals, giving back to the community by donating supplies to families in need, and helping to educate the community on local government issues and their impacts on working families.


As the RWFC approaches its centennial celebration, there is a renewed sense of vigor and energy. The organization is proud of its heritage while dedicating itself to a focus on the future. The club is eager to reach out to all likeminded Republican women in the community.


Frederick County has many strong voices among the women who are active in the Republican Party.  Through educational outreach and social media awareness, and boots on the ground it is the intent of the RWFC to ensure that the first one hundred years was a warm up.


The progressive rise of socialism that is infiltrating our American culture makes the need for dedicated, diligent, and committed Republican women to defend the very fabric of America Itself. It was a patriotic woman who worked the thread for our first flag. and now it will be patriotic women who defend that flag from those who seek to burn it.


The United States is not without its detractors of freedom and the American way. The time has come for all Republican women to stand up and deliver on the promises outlined in the Republican Party’s platform. The efforts made in Frederick County to push back the socialist agenda, being pushed by progressives, has direct impact on the State of Maryland and the United States as a whole.


In Maryland’s last gubernatorial election. Republican female candidates outperformed their male colleagues. If you are a Republican woman interested in running for an elected office in Frederick Count, the RWFC is your ally and your advocate.


The Republican Women of Frederick County seek to recruit candidates, volunteers, donors, and kindred spirits into its ranks as they begin a second 100 years that will go down in history as their finest hour.


The best years of the RWFC are yet to come. The history of this organization demonstrates that strong Republican women are a force to be reckoned with.


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