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March 7, 2019

Who Decides Life and Death?

Harry M. Covert

A callous nature of what is known as life and death continues to strike an ominous chord. The sounds are discomfiting at best and are growing louder and louder.


Has it become so easy to play the Supreme Being that society picks and chooses at will? The issue is difficult as social mores have shifted – dangerously – to the point of no return.


Startling events of late slip by so rapidly that serious matters fall by the wayside quickly – unless and until they strike personally, and t-hen only as the news cycle reports.


The talk of late term human abortions has gained acceptance now in seven states and the District of Columbia.


A quick fast forward to what’s considered death with dignity, creeping closer to euthanasia. This is okay in six states and non-state DC.


Maryland legislators keep pushing for doctor assisted suicide. Hmm! It missed passing again, thankfully. One proponent wasn’t dismayed, noting to “keep pushing” and one day the move will succeed. Diligence? No, determination.


While there are national pockets opposing late term abortions, the effort to allow after birth deaths has gained incredible support.


Obviously, there are many exemptions permitting procedures to end lives.


There is an oath from circa 400 BC still sworn to by those entering the medical profession. A fellow named Hippocrates, the father of western medicine, wrote it.


The pledge is widely known as the Hippocratic Oath. BC means Before Christ.


Doctors swear/affirm to “cause no harm or hurt, prescribe only beneficial treatments, and to live exemplary personal and professional lives.” Hippocrates was a pretty smart fellow.


Don’t confuse the above with modern hypocritical allegiances so prevalent among today’s legislators, who enjoy disrupting rules and regulations and other legalities. So many swear and ignore right and wrong.


The matters of life and death must not be political — neither Democrat, Republican, liberal, conservative, green or what else the noodlers may devise.


Certainly, the abortion business has flourished in the nation. Death with dignity surely sounds sweet and nice and keeps gaining acceptance.


It is too effortless to agree to life-endings when it is someone else’s situation. The silence is deafening these days as to baby killings. Sure life can be difficult throughout the years.


Medical science and incredible discoveries keep advancing. Not to sound insensitive, but the old carpenter’s axiom is worth noting, “measure twice and cut once.”


In the abortion discussion abnormalities and health of the mother, physical and mental, are crucial. But, not used to lower populations of any ethnicity.


The right to die, if there is such a thing, must not be treated haphazardly. Pain and suffering are wretched. It is not easy to consider or decide who lives or dies.


These issues must be kept in the public conscience, not quieted because of the unpleasant and distasteful thoughts.


What’s best?


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