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March 5, 2019

Pettifoggers Enjoying Their Hate

Harry M. Covert

Let’s take a break from all the pettifoggers, losers to be accurate, who keep trying to convince the nation and world that crises are bounding without end.


It used to be that the business of America was business. My how that had changed. Now it is hate. The constant rhetoric of bull shooting has become so prominent these days some electeds would have us all believe that Planet Earth is done for in 12 years. Such baloney.


Now, others – in a daze wanting to run for president in a year hence – say the major crisis facing the nation is climate change. Ridiculous of course, further proof the pettifoggers, primarily leftists, haters and l-o-s-e-r-s are lost.


The most serious catastrophe of these days is not “the lost cause” as some may allude to in previous national history. I need not spell that out.


Never in our history has hatred reached such resonance. Seems like laughter and humor have lost their way. That’s frightful.


All right. According to lexicographers there are 171,476 words in the English language. Obsolete words are in the neighborhood of 47,156.


The reason for picking pettifoggers today is to give readers a rest from such adjectives as bull-shooters, cleaned up from today’s BS slang.


Watching and reading other words often lead descriptions of the public fatalists as numbskulls, numbn*ts, dimwits, dunderheads, nincompoops, and so many more.


Saving readers’ time and effort, pettifoggers are those who quibble over trivia, and those who raise petty, annoying objections and prevarications at will.


I am referencing the constant political upheaval from the House of Representatives and talking heads trying their level best to make hate the motto of their public roles.


Their leadership of hate has reached major religious denominations, fighting within themselves over heretofore gospel truths. The Democrat-led House is allowing antisemitism to raise its ugliness without objection, probably for fear of the rabid newcomers flexing their un-American talk.


Sure they have a right to speak, but they are inciting hysteria and evil conduct. They should be expelled period from the Congress just like the ISIS girl who wants to return to the country. Talk about treason?


Evangelical Christians in the nation helped elect the 45th president. His opponent was a seriously flawed candidate now trying to stay relevant. She is pitiful and now talking about alleged Constitutional crises, a threat to freedom of the press and other buncombe, piffle and malarkey. I refuse to use her name in my space. She isn’t Joan of Arc.


While many mainstream religious leaders are spewing hatred and not Biblical axioms, and losing seat fillers, a Texas pastor has boldly defended evangelicals who backed the 2016 referendum this way:


“Let me say this as charitably as I can,” Pastor Robert Jeffress said, “These ‘Never Trump’ evangelicals are morons.”


He could have included all the losers and their comrades, not peckerwoods. I mean compatriots to be upright.


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