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As Long as We Remember...

February 28, 2019

Reparations for Kisses? No!

Harry M. Covert

With all due respect, I had a dream. Since I met The Man, MLKjr once, he won’t mind. I want to report from what might appear as a realistic fantasy.


To me, the midnight reverie was a joy. Why can’t I cash in on how I was supposedly offended by advances from the beautiful girls I have known.


Of late another ego driven Trump worker says she rebuffed an advance from the sitting president. Please be serious. It’s nothing more than a money grab. That’s the latest scam from supposed offendees.


My midnight dream occurred at the White House. FLOTUS, Missus Melania, attempted to give me a smack on the cheek. I only had $50 in my pocket. I didn't dream of a reparation. I would have given her an IOU.


The crybabies disliking a smooch here and there are sickies.


I can report from my midnight sonatas the personal thrills of unexpected but hoped for osculations, not just in dreams but the real ones. Never would a thought of avoidance cross my mind, nor would complaining or seeking recompense.


The female persons I’ve dreamed about are quality. Because they chose others doesn’t diminish their perspicaciousness.


It is rather cheap for would-be offendees trying to cash in on made up or pretended events, only for cash settlements, pickpocketing supposed well-known figures.


A distinguished preacher was once accused of making eyes at a Pennsylvania woman while sermonizing. Not so. She needed some rent money, figuring an easy tap.


The mere threat, she admitted, would have earned an easy check — payoff for nothing. This time though after deep probing, she confessed to the boondoggle. Sinful and illegal. The pulpiteer suffered a while.


The latest accuser from Alabama says The President tried to kiss her “on the lips” in 2016. Hoax? Sure sounds like dollar signs. Her family is doubtful.


The fad of personal infractions has grown by leaps and bounds — fame, fortune and facetiousness. Certainly discretions have been uncovered. The add-ons have become insidious in the culture.


Virginia’s Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax is under fire from two women for sexual situations. He denies the charges, but claims he’s a victim of a political lynching. More than a few kisses on his face.


Without a doubt, sexual misconduct is no stranger to the public.


As I mentioned in the preamble of this essay, I don’t think the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., would be amused by the goings on today with the staggering racism he spoke out against.


At the same time, all these girls railing against smooches are questionable. They deserve to be heard by LEOs, law enforcement officers in their jurisdictions.


In the meantime, I’ll not complain about any wishful kisses of late. I remember them pleasantly, only first names for sure in no particular order; Nina, Gail, Dimples, Zippy, Janet, Jeanne, Becky, Rose, Pat, Tina, Linda, Jennifer.


At least my apparitions are flowing. The above names are all classy and wonderful people. Examples for the world.


Now, back to everyday living. No dreaming.


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