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February 20, 2019

Another Theory on Smollet Incident

Cindy A. Rose

What a weekend! Sparks flying, shrapnel being dodged, teeth clenching excitement from beginning to end. No, I’m not talking about the 61st running of the Daytona 500.


I’m talking about all the Democrats and media types scrambling to cover their butts after their rush to further brand (erroneously) President Donald Trump supporters as violent racists.


In case you missed it Empire actor Jussie Smollet accused two MAGA hat wearing, white men of beating him, dousing him in bleach and tying a rope around his neck while hurling racial and homophobic insults at him.  Police have since discovered the two men are black, know Mr. Smollet and have stated he paid them to attack him.


One has to scratch their head and wonder why? Unless, of course, one spends a little time on Twitter reading some of the backchannel chatter.


What many have not read is that weeks before this incident Mr. Smollet received a “small white envelope” addressed to him in “thick red scrawl.”  Inside was a “sheet of white paper with a threat in cut-out letters: “You will die black fag.”


There was also a “white substance” in the envelope discovered to be crushed Tylenol. The letter was postmarked January 18, 2019. “MAGA” was written on the upper left corner of the envelope. A red doodle of a lynched man with a gun pointed at him also appears on the letter. (Source: February 4, 2019, Chicago Tribune)


The latest reports suggest Mr. Smollet staged the beating because the letter he received wasn’t taken seriously enough. I have another theory.


Mr. Smollet, who has many, many friends high up in the Democratic Party was trying to do the party a favor and help get legislation passed. Instead of making phone calls and rallying support, he did what is now pretty typical of Democrat supporters; he made up, faked, hoaxed not one, but two racist attacks.


In December Sens. Kamala Harris (D., CA), Corey Booker (D., NJ) and Tim Scott (R., SC) introduce anti-lynching legislation. Don’t ask me why because I haven’t read about any modern day “lynchings” that would have necessitated this bill. It’s only purpose would appear to be dredging up painful feelings from the past.


In December, it fails to pass in the House of Representatives. In early January Mr. Smollet gets a threatening letter that doesn’t garner a lot of attention. January 29 Mr. Smollet is all over the news with his, now fake, story of a “modern day lynching.” Words echoed by both Ms. Harris and Mr. Booker immediately after they hear about it.


On February 15 the anti-lynching bill passes the Senate unanimously. Coincidence?


It still begs the question: Why introduce a bill to make lynching a hate crime when there hasn’t been a “lynching” since 1981?


My theory is that Sens. Harris and Booker want to gin up more hatred between the races because, let’s face it, fear is all they have. Their 2020 strategy: free stuff, hate, jealousy, envy, open borders and my favorite, the Green New Deal.


The Democratic Party hopes to gin up so much fear, envy and hate that you’ll run quickly from President Trump whose agenda is to make you responsible for your own destiny. As the young people say “adulting is hard.”


Why “adult” when the Democrats are there ready, willing and creepily excited about taking over every aspect of your personal life?


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