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As Long as We Remember...

February 14, 2019

Pariahs, Druggies, the Bawdy House

Harry M. Covert

Only a few more words about the bad boys still making insulting news from Virginia before continuing to other distressing verbiage from, guess where, the Halls of Congress.


Instead of exhibiting themselves as Virginia Gentlemen (and I don’t mean that superior bourbon), those guys are now political pariahs.


There should be some new qualifications for the high echelons.


Among them: (1) only native borns allowed to be Virginia governors, lieutenant governors and attorney general, especially carpetbaggers nawth of the Mason-Dixon Line [okay, I am truly kidding on this]; (2) no alums from the University of Virginia for state offices [again, a gag, but something to consider after stringent background checks by the state corrections department].


Moving on, the U.S. Treasury moguls should grab convicted drug lord el Chapo’s $14 billion in assets to build The Wall.


At the same time, U.S. drug users who contributed to the massive mountains of money for the Mexican dealer Joaquin Guzman, they should be taxed. All fines should go to building The Wall.


The users, known as addicts and other names, have some responsibilities toward el Chapo’s success and the ongoing Latino invasions at the southern border.


Of course, the users are now described as victims, causing local, state and federal authorities the job to ease their pains and troubles. Yes, I can hear the arguments to this. Who made The Users snort cocaine and heroin, or inject the drugs by good or bad needles? Stop crying.


Now turning to the House, whose bawdy activities are also prominently growing out-of-hand, the old frog proverb is proving true.


The bon mot is this: put a frog in tepid water, slowly turn up the heat and he will just boil, not jump out of the pan.


What the heck am I driving at?


I am not calling two of the newest progressive Muslim congresswomen frogs or ragheads, that would be unkind, but they are slowly picking up steam with their ugly talk. They are firing up politics with their anti-Semitic comments. These two want Sharia Law for the United States. Time to take them, and their comrades, to the woodshed.


Rep. Rashida Tlaib, of Michigan, and Rep. Ilhan Omar, of Minnesota, are making waves so bad that the House leadership is succumbing to their hate of Jews, Israel and anti-American rhetoric – blather for sure.


How long will the nation allow their constant abhorrence go on? They should be expelled from any law-making – kicked out of the Capital.


Ms. Tlaib was born in Detroit, Ms. Omar in Mogadishu, Somalia.


The creeping in of Muslim values is dangerous and the nation is sitting by, ignoring the increasing dangerous thinking that all will be well. All won’t be well.


Yes, I have not forgotten freedom of religion. Not for a blink of the eye. There are other radicals reaching for public approvals – they are dangerous. Their names are out there. President Donald Trump’s is not one of the destroyers.


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