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As Long as We Remember...

February 13, 2019

Politics Can Be Fun After All

Patricia A. Kelly

Sometimes one needs a break from politics. Hatred, vituperation, personal attacks, identity politics, and the rampant absence of fact-based proposals to make things better take a toll.


The Associated Press fills supposed news stories with snarky comments, speculation about motivation and more. It’s all about President Donald Trump, of course. Everything is his fault. As for the State of the Union stories, who cares about high approval ratings, repeated calls for unity, heroic guests, and pride in our country? Not interesting enough to make AP news.


Now is not a time to take a break from politics. In recent weeks, it’s been more fun than ever. A big shout out to extreme liberals for this.


We have a marvelous new crop of young Democratic women in Congress including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democratic darling congresswoman and social media icon. She’s so cute and so enthusiastic about her new opportunity to transform the United States into a socialist paradise. There’s never been one despite multiple attempts, so I’m certainly curious about how that works out for her.


People on the right often say Rep. Octavio-Cortez is stupid, but she was smart enough to get elected, and ambitious enough to lie about her upbringing to align herself with her lower income constituents.


Her Green New Deal, and the semi-serious faces of Democrats who support it, is hysterical. If she has her way, we’ll rebuild or replace every building in America over the next 10 years, build a high-speed rail system to replace cars and most airplanes, provide free medical care, free college and a basic income for all, even those who choose not to work. That certainly sounds utopian.


Most of the myriad Democratic candidates for the presidency agree with her, Sen.  Kamala Harris (CA) goes so far as to say that it’s okay for people to suffer the loss of the healthcare they choose in the interest of a single payer system, for the greater good, of course. At least she didn’t say you can keep your doctor.


Bring it on, candidates. Shout your “truths.” May you only increase in number, and in radicalism.


The funniest thing about the Green New Deal besides the straight-faced support of so many Democrats, is the classic Republican response, “Who would pay for it?” Is that all that’s wrong here?


I, for one, am grateful every day for Rep. Octavio-Cortez and eagerly await her next comments. Loved watching her sit pouting during the State of the Union address, too. So cute, and so six-year-old.


Another new congresswoman is Rep. Ilhan Omar (MN), who just apologized for anti-Semitic tweets, including an assertion that a Jewish lobbying group pays congressmen to support Israel, this the latest in a series of anti-Semitic comments.


Finally, we welcome Rep Rashida Tlaib (MI), who publicly stated “We will impeach the mother-----,” regarding President Trump. Such class.


We’ve been missing the comments of one of the senior purveyors of extreme liberalism. Rep. Maxine Waters (CA) has been quiet lately, except for her call for a boycott of President Trump’s State of the Union speech. Too bad she missed it. It was one of his best.


Maybe she’s just not so interesting to the press anymore, perhaps drowned out by the new ladies.


What I wonder is how she and so many of her senior colleagues have become so wealthy over their years of public service.  The job pays well, but not that well.


Nancy Pelosi, having cemented her power so recently, is riding high.  Remember her comment about the Affordable Care Act, “We’ll have to pass it before we can find out what’s in it.”? Or her comment that prompted President Trump’s departure from a government spending meeting, “No.” Not one dollar for a wall.


Speaker Pelosi is looking pretty good right now, compared to many of her congressional brethren. Her political wisdom is showing as she keeps her distance from some of their radical ideas. Too bad.


Every day I look forward to the latest news. So much fun. Thanks for the entertainment. Please keep it going until the 2020 elections.


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