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As Long as We Remember...

February 12, 2019

Richmond Three Still Digging

Harry M. Covert

To those who love myths pertaining to the danger of threes, I am going to throw in my more than three cents worth regarding the troika controversy in Virginia.


Shame, shame and shame.


One of the original 13 colonies leading the way to forming a “more perfect union” has become a “schadenfreude.” The latter sounds better than a joke, but perfectly describes the state’s top three executives as seen by friends, foes and faithful functionaries.


The German word simply means enjoying the troubles of others. And, that is exactly the feeling so prominent today. Read it, see it, hear it and weep.


I am not yucking up the embarrassment for fun and games. The incredible situation was created by Ralph Northam, Virginia’s governor; Justin Fairfax, the lieutenant governor, and Mark Herring, the attorney general.


These three are determined to hang on to their elected positions in light of the disgrace they have brought the Commonwealth, their constituents and the Fifty States, et al.


I have been reminded of the late “Howlin’ Henry Howell, the Norfolk (VA) state senator who became lieutenant governor after the untimely death of J. Sargent Reynolds In 1971.


Mr. Howell would be enjoying himself and making more fun of his successors.


The current crop has proven themselves to be unqualified. First the blackface performances, and then the sexual misconduct charges levied against the Number 2, who’s only job is to preside over the State Senate and wait for the governor to resign or die and then hope to win the seat.


Oh, let me bring up again Governor Northam’s support of late term abortions. Astonishingly, he is a board certified physician.


The Northam-Fairfax-Herring team is nowhere in the esteemed league of Patrick Henry, Virginia’s first and sixth governor, and previous chief executives of both parties. Each have delivered wimpy excuses for their conduct. They should simply quit, accept their political hara kari.


Patriot Henry’s “Give me liberty or give me death” led the way to the American Revolution, ending with the British surrender at Yorktown, Virginia. I don’t know if public schools teach this history anymore.


I fully expect the abortion issue to be a major issue in the next presidential election. I also wonder how many would-be politicians will be accosted for membership in the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Sons of the American Revolution, Daughters of the American Revolution, or other historic organizations.


The Virginia situation is not going way. Reading and watching Dr. Northam and his compadres trying to explain and defend themselves is sad, sad, sad.


There are some mighty good prevaricators in the political business. At the moment the Virginia boys are in a hole. They should stop digging.


I dare not say their public services are over. Some are suggesting some forgiveness for them. Maybe so, but “schadenfreudists” will not. A great word for sure. The future is not bright for the Virginia Three.


With the horrific political atmosphere throughout the land, the Richmond Boys have given critics of all shapes and sizes more fuel for fighting.


Some new national politicians are telling us not to worry. The world has only 12 years left. That is another wasteful topic for another day.


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